Bleach London Reincarnation Mask – The Review

You sure have heard by now about Bleach London, right? And you can tell from the name what they are all about. So, considering I bleach my hair monthly, I had to try them out and share my experience with you. A few months ago everyone was making a big fuss about this brand, notContinue reading “Bleach London Reincarnation Mask – The Review

Babyliss Straightener Elegance

Due to the recent changes in terms of look and hairstyle, I had no choice but to buy another hair straightener as I forgot mine in UK. Of course I wasn’t looking to spend tones of money on it considering that I already own one, but I still needed to buy something of good quality.Continue reading “Babyliss Straightener Elegance”

Everyday Hidden Ingredients That Kill Your Hair

Causes For Hair Loss Everyone loves to have a healthy, strong and glowing hair and everyone wants to avoid hair loss, right? You wash your hair and you are careful not to add conditioner to the roots because you know that this is actually causing hair loss. But what if I tell you that evenContinue reading “Everyday Hidden Ingredients That Kill Your Hair”

Frizzy hair day and night?/ Par ars si elecrtizat?

When it comes to my hair it’s always the same story. No matter what I do, it does exactly the opposite. Now I’m really starting to believe that it has its own freaking annoying personality, one that drives me crazy every single day. After one year without dying my hair, it started to look evenContinue reading “Frizzy hair day and night?/ Par ars si elecrtizat?”