Best Foundation for Shootings

Do you see my point from the title and you are already excited or you don’t believe in such things as the perfect product? Perhaps you think terms like ‘the best’ or ‘perfect’ can’t be used anymore with the industry that continues to produce formula after formula and product after product. Perfect turns to beContinue reading “Best Foundation for Shootings”

Best Drugstore Foundation

Hello there beauty lovers! The time has come and a new product review is out. Well, if you read my previous articles you know that after trying an expensive makeup product I always look too see if I can find something similar in a drugstore and that’s exactly what this article is about. If youContinue reading Best Drugstore Foundation

Top Foundations/ Top Fonduri de Ten

Cosmopolitan has a top 9 foundation list, a very surprising one as a matter of fact and I got to try out two of them. On the second place we find Estée Lauder Double Wear and on the third Maybelline Fit Me, which are the ones I’m going to discuss today after testing them forContinue reading Top Foundations/ Top Fonduri de Ten