PRIDE 2018


Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2018 was the first I ever attended and left me speechless and fascinated by the beauty of the people, the energy and the amazing vibes.


Parada din Tel Aviv 2018 a fost prima parada de acest fel la care am luat parte, lasandu-ma fara cuvinte si fascinata de frumusetea oamenilor, de energia si vibratiile uimitoare.

The colourful march stopped in Charles Clore park where Eurovision winner Netta Barzilai performed her famous song ‘Toy’, unleashing the beautiful creatures that were hiding in each one of us.

Marsul colorat s-a oprit in parcul Charles Clore unde castigatoarea Eurovision Netta Barzilai a cantat faimoasa melodie ‘Toy’, dezlantuind si eliberand astfel frumusetea interioara din fiecare dintre noi.

It was truly a great event that made us forget all about the hot weather and the burning sun above us. I will definitely come again next year!

A fost un eveniment cu adevarat extraordinar ce ne-a facut sa uitam complet de toropeala de afara si de soarele ce ardea deasupra noastra. Cu siguranta am sa ma intorc anul viitor!

Sneak Peek from the concert

Hope you enjoyed the 2018 #pride