Chanel’s Library- Themed Couture Show

Yesterday, Chanel transformed Paris’s Grand Palais into a paradise for book lovers for its Autumn/Winter 2019 Couture Show. The models were surrounded by works of Plato, Dante, Cervantes and Montaigne, having Mademoiselle Chanel’s library at her 31 Rue Cambon apartment as a reference. Virginie Viard started her career as assistant of costume designer Dominique Borg andContinue reading Chanel’s Library- Themed Couture Show

Summer must-have

Maxi dresses, denim jackets and shorts, midi skirts and white trousers, all of them are must haves this summer. But the most important one is the white top. It is that simple. It works with blue, black jeans, skirts and shorts, you name it. The white top is starting to feel like a classic now,Continue reading “Summer must-have”

Splashes of colour, Animal Prints and Neo-Gothic

Summer Looks 2019 Looking at the trends for this summer feels like a walk on memory lane. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I can’t hide the fact that they remember me of all the fashion magazines I was stealing from my mother. Those are my favourites so far: Wild Prints First ofContinue reading Splashes of colour, Animal Prints and Neo-Gothic”

Frizzy hair day and night?/ Par ars si elecrtizat?

When it comes to my hair it’s always the same story. No matter what I do, it does exactly the opposite. Now I’m really starting to believe that it has its own freaking annoying personality, one that drives me crazy every single day. After one year without dying my hair, it started to look evenContinue reading “Frizzy hair day and night?/ Par ars si elecrtizat?”

Top Foundations/ Top Fonduri de Ten

Cosmopolitan has a top 9 foundation list, a very surprising one as a matter of fact and I got to try out two of them. On the second place we find Estée Lauder Double Wear and on the third Maybelline Fit Me, which are the ones I’m going to discuss today after testing them forContinue reading Top Foundations/ Top Fonduri de Ten

Natural bronze in a bottle? Bronz Natural din comert?

A sudden urge to get darker skin hits most of us and I don’t know what happens or how it happens but I do know it starts somewhere around May, April. I think it’s a strange phenomenon because I don’t care about it the rest of the year, only when summer is close. The badContinue reading “Natural bronze in a bottle? Bronz Natural din comert?”

Penina Rosenblum

I think I’m not the only one when I say that trying out new products, specifically the ones that you usually don’t find in your country is really exciting. Especially when you find something really good, worth of your money. A few days ago while shopping, a pink bottle on the shelf caught my attention.Continue reading Penina Rosenblum”