ASOS Haul Part I

So, as a girl, I’m always on the lookout to buy more accessories, clothes and especially shoes and bags. It’s a fact, and instead of waisting time trying to deny it, I will start showing you guys the first part of the ASOS haul, which, to be completely honest with you, was a blast!


Because there is always room for more, especially now when I focus on creating different personas for my photography. But these, these are on a completely different level, so special than any other pair I own. The good part is that they are so light you barely feel when wearing them which is a con as well because it makes them really fragile. I love the colour of the lenses, I love that once you put them on you are on fire, and I certainly love the flaming shape! They are definitely a must have, for photos or not, I’m really glad I bought them, they make every outfit so so cool!

Used my Canon 5D MK IV

Shop them here !

Used my Canon 5D MK IV

Bershka Jeans

You know how certain brands are good at certain things? Well, don’t get me wrong, I love Bershka as a whole, but when it comes to jeans, boy, they rock! What I love the most is the low waist, and this is because nowadays most brands tend to have high waist jeans and those are not really my time. High waist makes me feel uncomfortable and I personally associate it with certain looks. Therefore, Bershka is my favourite when it comes to jeans because they are both accessible price wise and look exactly how I want them to. Those I bought have this light blue colour, they are really soft and they fit me like a glove, even though I ordered online. Another advantage is that the waist is a bit elastic, meaning that it’s harder to get a size that doesn’t fit. Also, did I mention they give a boost to your booty? Hell yeah!

Used my Canon 5D MK IV
Used my Canon 5D MK IV
Used my Canon 5D MK IV

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SIMMI Love, I mean London

Perhaps my favourite purchase in a while, and the most exciting discovery at the same time, SIMMI London shoes. So, with so many sales happening at the same time, so many brands and styles, it’s quite hard to decide over one pair. Usually! The moment I saw them I knew immediately that they need to be a part of my heeled army! I love they are not made from leather, I love that despite having such high heels, you can walk as if you were barefoot. I also love how comfortable they are and especially that they don’t have a zipper, only laces, like proper boots should. You literally feel like you are on top of the world when wearing them, and who said heels aren’t supposed to be comfortable? Well, they sure haven’t tried SIMMI London! More on this soon!

Used my Canon 5D MK IV
Used my Canon 5D MK IV

Shop them from here !


And it’s so fragile and feminine, and so so adorable! This tiny Babe accessory works either alone or with others at the same time. It goes with leather jacket and blazers, shirts and dresses, and it adds a certain something to your look! Be aware of how you are using it, because it can either soften or add a bit of sass to your outfit! And also, it was only £2.40!

Used my Canon 5D MK IV

Shop it from here !

So definitely ASOS knows what we want and how sales are supposed to look like! And that’s exactly why the second part of the haul is going to happen next week with my second order!

Take care, stay safe!



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