Bleach London Reincarnation Mask – The Review

You sure have heard by now about Bleach London, right? And you can tell from the name what they are all about. So, considering I bleach my hair monthly, I had to try them out and share my experience with you. A few months ago everyone was making a big fuss about this brand, not so much now. Why? What changed? Are they worth the money or not?

Bleach London offers a large variety of products, they have toner kits, shampoos, conditioners, colours and hair masks. According to their website, loads of products are on the bestseller spotlight, which didn’t help me at all (my first idea was to try the bestseller) so therefore I had to look in the mirror and have a chat with my own hair, ask him what he wants, needs and craves. Without any hesitation, he replied: ‘Mask!’ So I complied and got myself the Reincarnation Mask for my friend with crunchy ends (lately I neglected my ends until it got to this point).

Had to use my extensions to take the photos, clearly I don’t have such a long hair 🙂

I chose this one because it’s targeting dry hair, which means a quarter of the situation I had at hand, therefore, I paid the £7.50 and happily went home, excited to try it out. The first thing I want to mention is that Bleach London is vegan and cruelty free, the second, they promise not to make your hair look better, but actually resurrect it. Moving forward from the reminder that I’m walking around with a corpse on my head, I washed normally and applied the mask.

‘Not a typical mask!’

Not a typical mask indeed and here’s why: you have to apply it gently after washing, cover your hair with a warm towel and leave it for 20 minutes for optimal results. Those are the instructions on the box so of course I followed them precisely to make sure I get the best results. And of course the second time I was in a rush and I didn’t bother with the towel or the 20 minutes. Well, I can tell you this, if you don’t respect the steps, it won’t have the same effect, it’s basically a waist of product. But, if you do, boy, you get a resurrection alright?

The mask contains sunflower seeds extract and wheat protein which give you elasticity, shine, colour vibrancy while strengthening your hair at the same time. It does make complete sense to cover your hair and let it absorb the product, and it makes complete sense to wait at least 20 minutes. But you see, we are used with false advertising from other brands, promising to give us perfection in less than a minute, affecting therefore our expectations. If you are in a hurry just start shampooing, rinse, apply the mask, and by the time you finish with your shower you can rinse that off too. No big deal!

After one month of using the Reincarnation Mask, I can say that there are improvements, visible ones. For example, my hair doesn’t tangle as it used to. It has more shine, and this is quite impressive, because everyone knows how hard it is to keep the blonde shining (bright like a diamond), even Paris Hilton talked about it. And most importantly, it’s no longer crunchy, which means it can grow longer, my all time plan, because now it’s not breaking like it used to, being more elastic and hydrated thanks to the mask.

So, the mask is clearly a yes, a must try and a proper Dr. Frankenstein. You don’t need to have dry ends or a thirsty hair, don’t let your hair get to that point like I did, protect and prevent. My next on the list is the hair elixir, and after a month, I will let you know how it goes. I also want to mention the boxes in which they come, especially the ones for the toners, I simply love the vibe and the models, go and see for yourself on their website or buy this sexy mask from here.

This being said, I honestly don’t know why they aren’t more popular, because they most certainly deserve to be on the lips of everyone. Some said on my Instagram that this is because they are pricy, but what does pricy mean exactly? With no means to trash other brands, we pay almost the same price on box dyes that last one wash, only because they’ve been on the market for a long time and they advertise everywhere. And those other brands I’m talking about aren’t even cruelty-free which is not only disturbing but actually idiotic. They kill and torture animals just to get some more useless products. Now that I took this of my chest, let me know if you tried or planning to try #BleachLondon on the comment section down below or DM me on Instagram @julialexandra6.



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