Naked with Dior Best Primer for Winter 

This article is all about those days when you want to look great with minimum effort. And luckily enough, after doing some research and testing, I’ve managed to find the right product!

Dior is beloved by many, yes, they have amazing bags, accessories and clothes, but the beauty line, which let’s face it, is way more accessible, is a completely different world. I was always talking about how great the brand is, but recently I went nuts, and all thanks to their primer.

I am talking of course about the #BackstagePrimer, but you see, it’s not just a primer, it does much more than a basic primer, blurring imperfections, hydrating for up to 24 hours and keeping your makeup in place way longer. Once applied, your face is instantly freshened up, radiating and looking way healthier. Indeed, applying the rest of the makeup is easier than ever, making the application smoother, helping the foundation blend perfectly.

Personally, I find it hard to decide between [primer + makeup] or [primer alone], because yes, it’s that good and it gives you a boost of confidence and a luminous effect. Now that winter is basically here, I have this problem with dry skin around the nose area, and until now, no primer was able to fix it. Now I can have the smooth finish I always dreamed of and it looks amazing in photos as well. Backstage indeed!

And I’m really pleased with it because let’s face it, it’s hard to get a product that does exactly what advertises. HARD! And perhaps the many times I was disappointed, contribute to my current excitement (lasted already for two weeks). The images serve as proof of how my face looks with the Backstage primer, and I think at this point words are unnecessary.

I will have additional posts on the Backstage line as I’ve decided to try the foundation and the face glow palette as well. And yes, I’m curious to see if they are as good as the primer, but most importantly, I was looking for quite some time now to have only one brand for my shootings and models. It makes it easier this way, and you get more accustomed with the brand itself, knowing exactly what to use and when to use.



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