Emily in Paris

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Bonjour comment c’est va?

Pardon my French but I’m writing this article after binge-watching Emily in Paris on Netflix. If you lived for Blair and Chuck, Serena, and Dan or Jenny’s adventure from Gossip Girl but also are obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City ( by the way, same producer), then this series is definitely on your watch list. From the title, you probably have already an idea about what’s going on, but the actors, chemistry, plot, jokes, and oh, the outfits, Emily’s outfits are to live for!

I will try to say as much as possible without transforming this piece of writing into a spoiler, but honestly, my heart was aching until today. It has so many things from my favourite tv shows, movies, and books, and it’s definitely not a cliché but rather a satire of every teenage girl and young woman’s dreams, perfectly wrapped and served with mesmerising scenery, drama, danger, and some real hotties!

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

This show is clearly the medicine we all needed, and it revives the past by placing it into the present, allowing you to dream wildly into the future if that makes any sense. Despite being hated by critics and apparently mocked by the French, the show gathered an army of fans who are obsessed, and definitely I am one of them. It may seem naive at first, but we all know that the devil hides in the details, right? Therefore, it’s not just the story of an aspiring American in Paris, it’s actually a good old slap on the back followed by: “Fake it until you make it” and “never give up”. So, despite the negativism attracted, it’s very cool and fresh an IMDB completely agrees with me, having a score of 7.4

So, what are you waiting for? Start your binge-watching and tag me on Instagram @julialexandra6 and tell me which was your favourite outfit, or joke, or whatever! And yeah, I know this is completely unusual from what I typically write about, but I really couldn’t help it! 🙂

bisous, bisous


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