Best Foundation for Shootings

Do you see my point from the title and you are already excited or you don’t believe in such things as the perfect product? Perhaps you think terms like ‘the best’ or ‘perfect’ can’t be used anymore with the industry that continues to produce formula after formula and product after product. Perfect turns to be something temporary, or isn’t?

Credits: YSL

As a photographer, especially when I have to do myself the model’s makeup, I’m always looking to find the best formulas for foundation, concealer and powder. The biggest problem I was always facing, was the foundation. If it looked good in reality, it was a nightmare on camera. Yes, I was retouching the images, but maybe you don’t want to retouch them, maybe you just want a simple portrait of yourself that is going to be uploaded straight on Instagram.

Many models told me that the relation they have with foundation is one based on hate and love, a very dramatical one if you please. Well, I completely understand because I myself love to put on makeup and feel good in my own skin. But what if the application is a pain and takes time for the skin to absorb it or what if it’s not blending well?


Well, by accident I found the best foundation so far and boy you will too love it. Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Encre De Peau Fusion Ink has a magic formula, an absolutely amazing fragrance and it lasts longer than anything I’ve tried so far. It has a matte finish, which is always my choice, and the application thanks to it’s spatula takes way less than usual. The most fascinating part is the way it blends with the skin, once you apply it, it becomes instantly part of you. Nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing foundation, while at the same time it covers all the blemishes and creates the perfect finish.

Closeup of my skin wearing Yves Saint Laurent wearing Fusion Ink in Beige B10

Before writing this article, I had to put it at test, you know how all the products I write about have a trial period from which I draw a conclusion. Well, this time was no exception, therefore I started with a portrait session, yes, I usually try the makeup products on myself before applying them on models, to understand the relation between the products and lighting, especially when it comes to face covering like foundation. Yes, it was a success, in fact, better than expected, way better. You know the popular airbrush effect usually made in Photoshop? And you know how everyone wants it? Good news, you can obtain it with YSL and you have my portraits here as proof.

Credits: @julialexandra6
Credits: @julialexandra6

If you want to get the airbrush effect in a bottle, then I advise you to go on their website and buy it now, they have an amazing deal. And you can thank me later by the way! Shop Fusion Ink Foundation.

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