Fresh Collab: Emily Bowden & Ynes Music

Monday is here and so is the article I’ve promised! Writing about my shootings is more or less new, but because each one is so different and special, it’s only right for me to start sharing them with you. So, let’s start with the most recent one, which had not only an amazing stylist and designer but a model from the music industry as well.

Emily Bowden was the head of the operation, she came up with the ideas, and most importantly the model and the outfits. She is a fashion student practicing as both a designer and stylist and it was an actual delight working with her. We weren’t sure if the images will turn out as planned considering the stormy clouds that were fast approaching, but thanks to the professionalism of everyone involved and the gear I had at hand, it was a true success. If you are interested in purchasing a similar outfit, give Emily a follow and DM her on Instagram to place your order.

Ynes was our model, and boy, she is every photographer’s dream. Besides her natural flair and beauty, she clicked with both me and Emily, understanding exactly what we had in mind. This gave the images a special vibe, a David LaChapelle vibe if you want. Her music is amazing and all of us were grateful for teaming up with her. If you want to find out more about Ynes and her creative journey, be sure to follow her on social media and especially on YouTube! Honestly, can’t wait for the next collab!

Instagram: @ynesmusic YouTube: Ynes

Andrei, my boyfriend, played the assistant part and boy, it was quite something. Besides holding a heavy panel and having me all the time shouting ‘higher’ or ‘lower’, he had occasional remarks that made all of us laugh throughout the entire shooting. He had a good time as well and something tells me he will offer to assist again.

In terms of editing, I’ve tried to keep everything to a minimum, I wanted the images to look as natural as possible, and stay on track with what we had in mind. The only ‘major’ adjustment I made was with the sky, and this was more of a second version if you like. This is because the colors combined offered this pinup, cartoonish aesthetics and it was only natural to try it out and see how this other version would look like. And no, it’s not something I do often, but as mentioned before, this was no ordinary shooting. The rest of the post-processing was based on lighting, enhancing the one I had from the led panel, and adding just a little extra. This was not planned but necessary because of the dark sky.

Hope you enjoyed this article! Wishing everyone a productive and creative week! And don’t forget, the YouTube channel is soon to be released so stay tuned!



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