Quarantine Diary

The circumstances were unbearable at first, I have to admit. So many shootings canceled, exhibitions and events, and at times I felt like walking with a dark stormy cloud above my head. I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope with the situation at hand, but it changed with only one shooting. I was desperate to get my camera out and put it at use. But with social distancing and traveling limitations, it seemed quite impossible.

So, my boyfriend had to play his part, modeling for me, and the location scouting had to be in close proximity, so we went on the closest street to our house. I had to make it work, I needed some fresh material to keep me occupied. You all know how that feels, right? There was no equipment involved, only my 5D, natural lighting, and the patience of my new model.

It all went pretty fast, perhaps 15 minutes? And this is because he was posing in the street and there were cars occasionally passing by. The outfit was chosen entirely by me and boy … it looked good! I don’t know if it has to do with the post-processing, the colors, or the vibe, but this shooting changed the game. No more clouds, no more limitations, it got me up and running from my home office, and I am still benefiting from it. The most unexpected shooting ever, I admit, besides enjoying doing it, it never crossed my mind that it will be profitable as well. He loved it, I loved it and the customers loved it! What could you possibly want more?

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Hope you enjoyed this article! Until next week’s post, stay safe, stay creative!



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