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The blog is back and we are ready to rock! How is everyone doing?

I had a tremendous amount of messages on Instagram and emails from you guys asking about my blogging. I know it’s been a long break but believe it or not, I had a really good reason for it as many of you already know. So many things happened since my last post and I feel that this fresh piece of writing won’t be able to cover everything, or if it does, it will most certainly be really long and it will get boring.

To prevent that from happening, I’ve decided to use images for you to envision my quarantine activity and work, and of course, give you some hints about my current and future projects. But now, let’s talk about the surprise part, the blog makeover I mentioned before on my stories.

As you know, my previous posts were more or less reviews of products suggested by you, or, products I was interested to try out. It was a pretty straight forward weekly process, but a much-needed one. From now on, I will incorporate photography, meaning that, each product, either good or bad will get a taste of my new gear which I’m so excited to put at use, and for those of you that asked for ‘backstage’ content, yes, it’s finally happening.

My youtube channel is currently in progress so there is no need for me to give you a link for it, but, as soon as everything is up and going you will have access to all that you asked for.

“Quarantine stories”

Commissions kept me on the surface and I had a blast working on them. Soon the shop will be available and you can order your favorite, but this is a story for another time.

I also gave product photography a shot and it generated clients as a result. A pleasant and unexpected surprise!

And there is of course the session with my boyfriend modeling for what I call the best quarantine weekend I could ever ask for. Besides being fun and creative, this session was actually the start of my freelancing work. This will be covered on tomorrow’s post so stay tuned!

It’s good to be back!



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