When in London!

London is probably the most inspiring place I have ever visited and that’s why I’ve decided to write a bit about our last visit. This place is all about movement, nobody sits and if they do they sip some coffee and enjoy a quick meal. London makes you feel alive!

Everytime I’m there I just want to see or revisit as many places as I can, enjoy the views and take advantage through writing or photography. I personally can’t have enough and that’s exactly why we’ve decided to move there. Each time we write down street names or look for apartments to see where our next home is going to be. Even though we are talking about London this is not an easy job, it’s actually exhausting but still, we can’t stop until we find what we want. Our last visit was all about coffee and books and walking continuously without stoping, admiring breathtaking buildings, stores and decorations.

J.A in London

With this article you get to see London through my Iphone’s camera and understand why I fell in love with London so fast, unconditionally. The Iphone is never my first call when it comes to photography, but, truth to be told, my heavy Canon was definitely not a good choice especially with such a crazy day ahead of us. So, shall we?

When in London

As soon as we arrived we started to look for the perfect terrace to enjoy a coffee outside and plan the rest of the day. My boyfriend decided to leave the planning on my hands and, well, the next couple of hours were a real rollercoaster to different bookstores, which lead us to Daunt Books. This might, no, this is the most amazing bookstore I have ever seen, no joke at all. It has this vintage vibe and you literally can find any book you want. I must say, we spent like one hour inside and it was like a breath of fresh air. Despite looking really small from the outside, once you step through the doors you get inside this paradise with three levels covered in books, old authentic wood surrounding its customers and very helpful employees that basically read your mind. I hardly managed to leave but we got two books for urselves and we can’t wait to go back!

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes and The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood. The first one is a continuation of You which is available on Netflix and I truly became obsessed myself with the story.

The second is a classic that I was looking forward to buy for quite some time now. I personally am a fan of hardcover books and imagine my enthusiasm when I found this one. Can’t wait to finish the current one and start reading it. This one is available to watch on Netflix as well if you prefer adaptations instead of books.

As a follow up we went to a restaurant and had this goji, wild rocket salad with beetroot and cold glasses of San Pellegrino. Delicious!

The streets of London during winter are basically a mix between all the movies you probably ever seen but better. Most of the stores look like are in some sort of competition of who has better taste and who can decorate better and tourists stop to take photos in front of them. There are boutiques and patisseries everywhere

There is Harrods as well which is basically a paradise for every fashion lover, filled with designer labels and merch that simply take your breath away. There is music coming from everywhere, people enjoying the holiday spirit signing carols or shopping on last minute.

Happy New Year!!!

We are overwhelmed, enjoying the second or third coffee of the day, ready to go into the new year with new dreams and hopes fuelled by the beauty of London. We ended up doing a bit more shopping and finally, here we are, a few minutes before midnight, ready to assist one of the most famous firework shows. Unfortunately, we found out last minute about the entire city centre being closed up, gated, requiring tickets for different zones to watch the show. But, luckly enough, we made our way to this perfect spot really close to London Eye, surrounded by a sea of people, drinking and singing again, happy and joyful.

It was indeed one of the most amazing days I have ever had and a truly memorable New Year’s Eve. Now here we are, a new year, full of dreams and loads of work to do, a new year full oh hopes and changes ahead of us.

BONUS: Winter Wonderland

Love, J.A

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