All About Jeffree Star’s Artistry Palette!

I never got the chance to go into a Morphe store as I knew I can’t come out barehanded. What better time to do this than Christmas? I don’t know about you but I am a fan of Jeffree Star, his YouTube channel, mindset and his work in general. That’s why when I got to Morphe in Birmingham and saw his marvelous Artistry palette I went crazy. I literally saw red, sorry, pink in front of my eyes, unable to see other products around me. Of course, I had to buy it and my boyfriend didn’t say a word about it. How was I going to leave that store without the palette?!

As you already guessed, this article is all about the Artistry palette and why every makeup lover should get it. There is no point in keeping the suspense until the end, there is no doubt that this is one of the best choices I ever made. Let’s start with everything step by step, shall we?

The store has this prestigious vibe and not only because of the products it sells but thanks to its customers as well. Morphe has a queue/line and you have to wait to get inside. Yes, it’s that crowded and that intense. Wannabe beauty gurus, influencers and makeup lovers around the West Midlands area squeezed themselves to get their most beloved products, stuffing their small baskets with everything they could get. When we got inside, as I was with my boyfriend (unfortunately for him) I only got the chance to make a few steps until I saw it. The magical palette. The piecé of résistance!

It is impossible not to see it, truth to be told, it’s all about this Barbielicious, pink perfection with Jeffree Star’s touch. I wasn’t even going to look at the testers which were opposite from the first shelve where I stopped. It is something that you simply feel you need to buy. Well, I saw his own review when he launched it, announcing the famous collaboration between him and Morphe. But to cut to the chase, let’s get to the quality part, shall we?

Each shade means something personal for Jeffree, and at the same time, it reveals his standards. There is no wonder why he is hardly pleased, you buy this and understand his expectations. The quality is uncontestable, literally, I tried it a week before writing this article and I can assure you that not only you will not be disappointed but actually surprised. In a positive way. From a natural makeup to a Christmas party, it has all that it takes to please each customer. When I left for London in the morning and got back home at midnight, it was all there, no smudges, no fading. The pigments are so strong that you don’t even need a brush, you can tap it with your finger and they blend perfectly guys, like perfectly. There is no wonder everyone is going nuts about it, there is no wonder this collaboration is so famous and everyone has an interest in buying it.

Another important detail, in my opinion, is that it has no smell. You know how some palettes from Too Faced have different fragrances or how other brands basically intoxicate you with a chemical smell? I don’t have a problem with the delicious chocolate smell from Too Faced but I definitely have a problem when I open up a palette and it feels like I stepped in a laboratory. Well, it’s not the case with Artistry, and this gives it another huge plus in my opinion.

Welcome Back To My Channel are my favourites, as most of my makeup is for daytime, but Lynn, 1985, Designer Label, Rolls With It and Millions are for sure my go-to for a night out. The boldest colour is Nate and it’s this concentrated green which is the only one I haven’t tried yet but the year is not over. Artistry is the best palette I bought so far and I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s a lot better than Anastasia Beverly Hills. I repeat, I can’t believe it but it’s true. I mean yes I knew I won’t be disappointed when buying it, but I never saw this ‘perfect purchase’ coming.

Hope you enjoyed this short review and I’m waiting for your emails as usual or comments to let me know what you think. Also, here are a couple of links for purchasing the Artistry palette, have fun:




PS: Since it’s the holidays and a lot of things are happening and because it hurts my heart basically when I’m not writing, I’ve decided to schedule my posts so everyone knows what to expect from my blog. From now on I will post once a week every Wednesday and sometimes I will have a Friday ‘special’. This means that if something really can’t wait for the next week or I’m gathering too much material and I’m too excited to share it, you will get a Friday ‘special’. I also need to find a different name for it as it sounds like it was taken out from a Menu.

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