Best Christmas Gift For Her

The time has come and I can finally say that the Christmas break is here. I have almost two months at my disposal, with late dinners, going out with the girls, shopping, writing or watching movies on a loop with my love. Because of the fully booked agenda in the past weeks, actually make it months, I found myself in a difficult position. Christmas gifts. Yes, I only started to buy gifts a few days ago and it was a nightmare. The thing is, I’m not the type of person that goes around and buys things only to cross something off from a list, I trully want to find a gift that is special.

Besides decorations and things for ourselves, something that went off for two days straight, I managed to find what I believe it is, the best Christmas gift for a girl. A small box that includes the most amazing lipstick shades ever. The set I’m talking about comes from Anastasia Beveryly Hills and here is everything you need to know about it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick Set

The packaging is really cute, different materials and colours that complement each other in an elegant manner, and it includes a plastic tray that holds 4 different lipsticks. I have to mention that even though we are talking about paper and plastic, they honestly don’t feel cheap and promise to last for a long period of time. I don’t know if this is relevant for any of you, but for me every detail is important and if I don’t know much about a product, the packaging plays a major role, I admit. Anyway, moving forward, the lipsticks even though they are small, hence the mini set, considering the quality and for how long they last on your lips, it is worth the money. £22 well spent, that’s for sure. 🙂

The brand is well known for the quality it provides, beautiful packaging and happy customers, well, mostly. I remember one video from Jeffree Star where he was reviewing the Subculture pallette and girl, that wasn’t good. If you don’t know the video or you are curious to find out what I am talking about, here’s the link. I believe this is the only time when I actually saw something from Anastasia being a bit dissapointing. I have several products and all of them proved to be worthy of the money so … you know, still buying. Coming back to the lipstick set, the colours work amazing together if you want to create an ombre effect, but the trully amazing thing about them, is the application and the consistency. Giving the fact that I have relatively thin lips, the shape and the size make the application much easier and faster. And consistency, well, that is quite something. I tested out several brands, from really expensive ones to drugstore. Believe me when I say that nothing impressed me this much, literally nothing, and this is because when you apply the lipstick you will see how definied your lips are and how they pop. There is no need to apply a second layer.

We established that the consistency of each colour is remarkable, and each one of them is perfect for a Christmas party, dinner and especially New Year’s Eve. They last around three to four hours when you drink and chat, but that’s irrelevant considering how good they look. My favourite one so far is the forth colour in the image, Plumeria, it goes with every outfit for the cold season and it is not that bright. I personally love mixing them, it adds something extra to my makeup. I never ever owned bright lipstick colours, but they are too good to be true. Yes, I bought a set for myself as well, you will do the same, trust me.

Hope I saved you from a desperate last minute shopping sprint 🙂 and I really do hope you will send me some pics or leave some comments with your impressions. Which shade you love the most?

You can order it from here!



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