Affordable Skincare Products That Actually Work

In the past month I’ve learned how important it is to follow a schedule instead of just thinking about how your next day is going to be like. This actually put my planners at work and I got a bit addicted to it, everything runs more smoothly and I actually get to do everything on the list. It was a bit of a struggle at first, I have to admit, but faster than I thought it transformed into something natural. Worst plan? No plan.

Now that I realised how important each minute is, I started to look for all sort of tricks and minimise time consuming activities as much as possible.My skincare routine for example was time consuming. From preparing the actual mask to applying it and wait for it to activate, it felt like an eternity especially when you have less than an hour at hand. The last mask I wrote about, the one from Too Faced is another good example of a time consuming product. 30 minutes, who has time for that?

Between photoshoots, classes, writing, editing and meetings, I still somehow got the time to discover a very interesting little bottle which surprised me from the second it arrived at my door. Truth to be told, I can’t take full credit for discovering it and this is because a couple of readers asked me if I heard about the brand. The other day I was looking to find and try out something new for my skin, when I’m stressed I feel like my face suffers the most and it looks always tired no matter how much I sleep.

I found a couple of articles and most of them had this brand called The Ordinary on the list. I immediately remembered about the emails I got from my readers and decided to give it a try. The Amazon app was pretty handy as I found it immediately and boom, order placed and the next day it was at my door. The first thing I had to do was to try it out for a couple of days before making up my mind and decide if it was of any good or not and well, here it is.

The Ordinary are no ordinary products

I’m not the type of person that starts by giving you the entire brand history, we have google for that, right? But I am the type that starts first by describing the packaging and after the quality of the product, you got that by now. First I will start by saying that from all their products I started with the peeling solution. This interesting bottle and even more interesting substance are supposed to fix blemishes, lackluster tone and textural irregularities(my phobia). So the bottle comes in this box which looks a bit clinical but not in a bad way, it has something minimalist about it. Inside you find the ‘magical’ mat bottle with the solution which has this bloody/grape colour. Actually the whole thing looks kind of cool, it’s definitely something new for me.

It is a 10 minutes exfoliating facial that stresses a lot the fact that you mustn’t live it on for longer than the time indicated and you must avoid the eye area. When I read the instructions it felt like I was dealing with some kind of ticking bomb but once I opened the bottle I got too excited to think about it. The cap is actually a dropper which makes it even more clinical (still not in a bad way) and you actually get to see how intense that colour actually is. Once you applied it, yes, you guessed, you have to wait for 10 minutes and clean it off. Now you see, 10 minutes is not a lot, especially when you see what an amazing job it does. Personally I have pale skin, I still have a bit of tan from Israel but by Christmas I will get back to my dead man walking tone, and this peeling solution is actually the answer. After 5 minutes or so my face started to feel more elastic, hydrated and softer.

This solution contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and Tasmanian pepperberry which calms the skin. It has also 30% alpha-hydroxy acids and black carrot, which acts as an antioxidant. It is indicated to be used not more than twice a week applied at night and properly clean the face after application.


It is supposed to brighten, clear congestion, fight acne and even out skin tone. What it actually does? Well, exactly what it says. I know, I’m more surprised than you. Why? Because I paid around £5 as it was on sale on Amazon. Usually it costs £7. I mean, come on! Another bonus is that it actually gives a bit of colour to your skin. I mentioned that my face always seems to be tired because of stress no matter how much I sleep, well it’s not the case anymore with #TheOrdinary. At first I was a bit dissapointed that it has to be used only twice a week, but considering the results, this is clearly the answer to all my problems. And guys, I so can’t believe how cheap and effective it is. This is my new obsession! Go check all their products here.

UPDATE: They have Hair Care as well!!!

I’m in my second week on using the peeling solution and so far it is beyond my expectations. My face is brighter and softer than ever. The results you get after application seem to last longer and longer after each application which means my face is indeed having a treatment and my PH and skin are improving. I definitely recommend this product and I can’t wait to order the next one in the following days. I think this is the first affordable, very affordable brand with effective high end products. Everyone must include The Ordinary products in their skin care routine ASAP!

Conclusion? The Ordinary are no ordinary products!



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