Aspiring Fashion Designers 

If you were wondering what I’ve been up to, well, this post supposedly will answer to that. I’ve started to work on my first project which I actually love. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a part of me in everything I’ve done so far, but with this project, it’s a completely different story.

It’s all I can think about and the potential it has is beyond my initial expectations. I’ve teamed up with four fashion students here in UK and decided to tell their story through a series of zines. What makes it special is that every single episode will have a different style and approach according to each person. The project will include their creations as well but they won’t be included on the actual zines but on an online platform.

I can’t tell you how fascinating these people are and what amazing pieces they’ve created so far. Each one of them has an amazing story to share, from how they get inspired to how they actually start to create. This being said, I will present you the first two designers from the project. Shall we?

The first person I’ve photographed is Ioana, I mentioned her before as she gave me the hint for #LFW. The images with her emanate a mix of rebellious, youthful and fresh vibes, you simply can’t stop looking at her. What is fascinating about her is the way she thinks and how she gets inspired. When I asked her how she is planning an outfit or her next piece, she said that she experiments with #Photoshop layers. If it was for me to sum up in one sentence her work I would say: She reinvents #fashion.

@ioanaenicolau by @julialexandra6
@ioanaenicolau by @juliaalexandras

Secondly, we have Ionela Radu. Ionela was a completely unexpected surprise. I’ve met her only once before at one of my exhibitions but we briefly changed a few words. Now when we actually started to talk and get to know each other, I realised how amazing her mind and work are. This girl has magic hands! Imagine my shock when she told me that the pieces she wore at the photo shooting are made by her. Even more, imagine my shock when she told me that most of her clothes are made by herself.

@withionelaradu by @julialexandra6
@withionelaradu by @julialexandra6

I will keep the next two people as a surprise for the next article as we are planning on meeting up next week. But trust me on this one, they will blow your mind. Thanks to this project I got the chance to meet beautiful and inspiring individuals who without a doubt will make a change with their work. You will simply love the project and thanks to the concept, it will be available online as well.

So, this being said … “UNTITLED” Season One is out and alive! Enjoy!



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