Give yourself a … GlowJob?

If you don’t know yet what I am talking about or if you think I lost my mind, well, it’s not the case. Not exactly, anyway. Yes, another review is here and … I was very surprised with the outcome, like really surprised. Today I’m going to discuss this famous product, one that’s been all over Youtube, Cosmopolitan and so on.

Meet #TooFaced Glow Job. Don’t ask about the name because I won’t know how to reply. Yes, it was kind of funny at first and it seemed really bold but now … just don’t ask. I think bold is the perfect word to describe this marketing strategy, one letter away from vulgarity but let’s not get lost in those “small” details.

You know how the story starts, right? “After I saw a couple of reviews, both written and video” blah blah blah … I decided that I must try this naughty product as well. £25 gone with the wind just to have this delivered right at my door. Please remember that I am talking about a face mask, I literally spent £25 on it, when as you probably got it by now, I only use natural homemade masks. There’s a beginning to everything apparently.

I simply love #TooFaced Cosmetics, every eye shadow palette I’ve bought so far, the highlighter which you can read about here, proved to be worthy of their price. So imagine my expectations when I saw this beautifully packed, supposedly miraculous mask. I should cut to the chase and move to more serious things.

Ok, so the packaging is quite something, I can’t deny that. The jar feels so high-end and solid even though it’s completely made out of plastic. The sparks do spark and the glitter really glitters? But we won’t pay so much money just to look at something beautiful, right? We have decorations for that. When you open the jar you will be blinded by the lights! I’m joking. When you will open the jar you will actually see something that smells and feels like glue. I was familiar with the glue texture from other masks but not with the actual smell. I mean come on. Besides the jar, the box contains intructions and a spatula. This spatula is mainly for mixing the product to activate it, as they say. And poor me used it to apply with it as well because honestly I didn’t feel like ruining a brush only for this.

Don’t use the spatula to apply with it! :)) You need to be very careful when applying because otherwise a lot of product will be lost. Going a bit backwards, when you start mixing the shiny potion, the glue smell disappears being replaced by something similar with pineapple?

UPDATE: It smells like a mix of glue and pineapple.

So the smell changes when you mix it hm … maybe this is magic after all. You would think that, right? Well it’s funny because I thought the same and I was wrong. First things first, it stings, some sort of burning feeling started to happen around my nose area. I know I have sensitive skin but still. I’ve tried before just for fun some similar masks at £1 and this didn’t happen. The burning lasted through the whole application process and now, I’m not happy at all with it. You would think that for £25-£30 you will se amazing differences but nope.

On the instructions it says that you need to leave it on your face for 30 minutes to get that amazing and beautiful glowing skin. To make this review more accurate, I had to force my boyfriend to try it as well, only with less product, just to see if there is any difference.

We both peeled it off and starred in the mirror for a minute or so, trying to understand what just happened or if there’s something we are missing. Well, it was for nothing because this is exactly what happened, nothing. It’s a peel off mask so at least it could, I don’t know, call me crazy, peel off? Not even that, NOT EVEN THAT! It comes off really smooth, and it doesn’t even remove impurities or whatever. The £1 mask I tried before at least did that, it removed even black heads. ( I will do my best and try to find it again and write about it because that’s a product that you will actually like)

What is funny about this story, not me spending £25 on this product, it’s actually the idea #TooFaced had. Again, on the instructions, they say to apply the mask and then take a picture of you, put it on Instagram and tag them. I can’t .. Why? Why would I put a picture with me looking like a unicorn threw up on my face? Do I need social humiliation as well?? On the bright side, with the GlowJob, they at least showed us they have a good sense of humour and they know how to pack it properly. Ha, Ha, Ha!

So, no, my advice is to avoid buying this product completely. It doesn’t do much besides looking good on the night stand. ( I have a lamp for that) It’s not a lot of product and even if it was, it would have been for nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan of their products, but I will stick only with the eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. As I mentioned before, everything has a beginning and an ending as well, but I had no clue it will happen this fast.

Update: I was wondering why was it so harsh on my skin ( redness started to appear around my nose) so I checked the ingredients and for my surprise, it contains: Aluminium Powder among other chemicals. This a completely unexpected surprise!

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with me on Instagram: @julialexandra6 or by email.



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