Best Highlighter So Far

After a week filled with Redbulls, plenty of coffee and photo shoots, I finally got the time to sit back, relax and write this article. This time it’s about a product that I love and use on a daily basis, one that some of you thought is the result of Photoshop. To be clear, I’m talking about the highlighter which I’m currently using and yes, it’s real, you can buy it and you will definitely love it.!Considering the amount of questions about it, I will start by saying once and for all that no, it’s not made in Photoshop. I am using an actual product that I decided to share with you. And for the second time, you will love it without a doubt!

Remember when I was saying that besides the quality of the product I’m obsessed with the packaging design and quality? Well, this one meets the criteria, being in top of my favourite makeup products. Meet #TooFaced Diamond Light Highlighter.

It was a gift from Andrei, a gift that was above my expectations. Just look at the packages, just look at them. Why having a single, beautiful box, when you can have two that look marvellous? It has this plush material inside the top so when you press on it legitimately feels like a diamond box. Inside it has velvet, the button on the outside is actually made from metal and all the margins of the box have a defined finish, meaning that it feels like a quality product indeed. I can’t imagine my makeup corner or makeup routine without it. It lasts as long as you wish, meaning that you apply it in the morning and you remove it before going to bed.

This highlighter in my opinion kicks the asses of the others without breaking a nail, it’s exactly how a highlighter is supposed to be. TooFaced is a brand well known for the attention to detail, we are not only buying a makeup product, we are buying an accessory as well. And if I remember correctly, I said the same thing about Chanel’s powder. They put so much into making a product, making every penny spent on them worth it.

Another thing that you will appreciate about this highlighter is that it doesn’t waste a lot of product like the rest of them. The texture it has doesn’t allow it to spread all over the place, and truth to be told, I always had this problem with the ones I tried before. Like, okay, we all want to get extra at some point but that doesn’t mean I need to have it all over me.

You can go ahead and try it in store and you will see what I am talking about, don’t hesitate to do that if you don’t trust me. Maybe my new brush is too good to be true and that might be the reason, but honestly I doubt it. I started to adore Too Faced with the first eyeshadow palette I bought from them and they never disappointed me, and with this highlighter, well, I rest my case without a doubt!

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you tried this product, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about it with us!



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