Best Drugstore Foundation

Hello there beauty lovers! The time has come and a new product review is out. Well, if you read my previous articles you know that after trying an expensive makeup product I always look too see if I can find something similar in a drugstore and that’s exactly what this article is about.

If you heard about Estée Lauder’s brilliant foundation Double Wear or if you are looking to buy it but money are tight, don’t worry, I found something affordable that can make the waiting much easier. Or at least take your mind from it for a while. What I love about Double Wear is the texture and of course the coverage it provides. For my surprise, I purchased #L’Oreal True Match as I read a couple of positive reviews and it made me curious. Well, it is quite something I can tell you that.

Wearing L’Oréal True Match

From the beginning you can spot the similarities as the texture, more fluid then most of the foundations out there, will drip on your fingers, so I recommend using only a sponge for it. It can get really messy with a brush. Moving from this, after application you will be shocked to see how natural it actually looks. Like you know sometimes you are not in the mood for makeup but you still need a bit of coverage for a pimple or some dark circles? And you apply the foundation and it looks like a mask and you have no option but to go on and do the entire routine? Well, you can thank L’Oreal because yes, they managed to make the perfect product. You can apply only the True Match and fix your brows and Voila! My face looks nourished, moisturised and healthy, some foundations do indeed cover everything but some of them make you look sick. Perhaps it’s because of the high amount of powder in the composition or because they are really thick. You don’t have to worry about this anymore. You can apply it straight to your face without using any cream or primer, it won’t actually matter thanks to the hyaluronic acid enrichment. Some people have a greasy T zone and this might be the only minus L’Oreal has, meaning that the oily texture might not help and you will need to apply some powder there to fix it. Still, it’s a product worth of its price and I truly feel like this is the cheaper version of Double Wear.

I’m telling you guys, it does a really good job considering the price ( £10). It’s like it enhances your skin and features and this is exactly what a makeup product should do. Ask any professional makeup artist out there, makeup is about enhancing your natural beauty. It blends perfectly with the powder, blush and you can contour without any stress, this foundation is not going anywhere. Hope you enjoyed this review and let me know if you tried the #TrueMatch.

Tomorrow as you know, I’m about to embark in the three days dream experience in London so I won’t be able to write as usual. Can’t believe this is happening, #LFW here I come! But don’t worry, you can keep up with all the details and live videos on both of my Instagram accounts ( @julialexandraonline and @julialexandra6 ) and now as well on Facebook. Just go on and search for JuliaLexandra Online and you will find everything you need!



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