London Fashion Week – How I got there and how you can too!

Everyone has a dream but some of them seem to be too hard to achieve and because of this they tend to be forgotten or simply, the circumstances are getting us in a completely different direction. Believe me, if you were asking me last week where I will be this Friday, I wouldn’t guess in a million years.

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So, hello there, beautiful people and allow me to start and sum up the story of how I got a three days pass at London Fashion Week! If you haven’t heard yet from Twitter or Instagram, yes, this is happening!

Well, let’s start from the beginning. As you may already know, I’m studying photography in UK in my final year. Yes, dissertation is fast approaching and the stress is killing me, but anyways. So around June or July while in Israel, I spoke with a friend, Ioana, fashion student at the same university like me. If I’m not wrong, we were talking about a current project of mine and I wanted to know if she would like to be a part of it. Well, among other things, Ioana told me about #LFW and the application form which was soon to be opened and available online. The most important thing as she explained to me, is your online presence and portfolio and of course your personal website. I can’t explain how nervous I was when I pressed the send button and how shocked I was for the following days. Somehow I managed to continue my life in a normal manner but still having the occasional butterflies when remembering the whole thing. My final year at Coventry University is one week away and besides a deadline and research for a different project, you can imagine that I had and still have my mind and hands full. Somehow the excitement was replaced with disappointment as I still had no answer from my application. Until last night.

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I woke up to close my laptop and I checked my phone as usual and then I saw it. Confirmation email! Dear God and heaven I almost fell on the floor. I skimmed through it as I was really tired, asking myself about the possibility of this being a dream and went back to bed. A couple of hours later, 5 in the morning to be precise, I woke up again with the email in mind. “Was I dreaming?” And no, it’s not funny because I often have those dreams where Nicki Minaj is messaging me on Twitter and all sort of fabulous things, it happens to everyone. So I was afraid to check the phone and ruin the feeling, you know? But I did it anyway and my heart stopped for a brief second when realising that no, it wasn’t a dream. Yes, I am really going to LFW SS20 and all thanks to Ioana because she was kind enough to share this opportunity with me. Even though I photographed fashion related events before, nothing can compare with this, and you can imagine why, right? So, what I will be actually doing is to pack some equipment, lenses, cameras, spare batteries, tripod and flash, book my coach for Friday and head to Victoria House. There I will get my pass and head to the pit.

Source: Sky News

Here is where the actual crazy happens. Why? Well because photographers from famous magazines such as ELLE and Vogue sit together and wait for the models to go on the catwalk. I don’t know if this will be the case next week but, usually it’s really crowded and every inch of space matters. The point is, I don’t care! Considering this huge opportunity all I can think of is who I will see, what I will wear, how I’m going to feel and of course be grateful for such an amazing opportunity and photograph and document the whole event! The only scary part is that I will go by myself three days in a row. Yes, you got that right! I have a pass for the whole thing, including Sunday when Victoria Beckham will present her collection and make her appearance. Damn, maybe I’m still dreaming. Maybe the fact that I will be alone is scary right now, considering that this is a new thing, it had a major impact upon me and perhaps that’s why. London here I come!

How You Can Get To London Fashion Week

And not only here, it can easily be done with all sorts of events you’re interested in. How? Well, like Ioana explained to me, it’s all about you and your work in the field. Do your best at constructing your online persona, Instagram nowadays is not only a Social Media platform, in this case for example it can be seen as a business card or resume. People you are interested to work with or collaborate, look at it and based on this decide if you are of interest to them or not. Try to make your Instagram account about you or your work or in my case, both. Find a theme or a colour palette for your feed because trust me, it matters a lot. Share your passion, photos, writing, sketches or designs on a website and talk with your followers as often as possible about your workflow and techniques.

Source: The Independent

The next step? Send an email! Yes, you might be scared to do so, it might take you an hour to write a sentence because it’s so important to you and you don’t want to mess up. Don’t worry, keep it simple, introduce yourself and what you are passionate about, add the links to your accounts and Voila! Big events or events in general have a manager, a PR or at least a person in charge of the invitations, it is common sense after all. Find out who that person is and email him/her. Don’t think that they won’t be interested in a student or a young individual with not enough experience. No, they are looking to find interesting and talented people from all fields and if they have the chance to see if you are talented or passionate enough, they will accept you without a doubt.

Source: toniandguy

Don’t be scared if you get a negative response or no response at all. At first, this might happen a lot, and it doesn’t mean you are not good enough, not at all. They key is to send emails to all the venues and events you are interested. Volunteer as much as possible because only good will come out of it. Just think of your CV, think of the experience and the connections you can build. And don’t give up, never give up. If you send 50 emails and you get two back with a positive response, that’s fantastic. That means two people were impressed with your work. Go there, do your best job, improve your CV, acquire more experience and start again. Now from 50 emails sent you might get 4 answers back.

LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 19: Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland outside Tommy Hilfiger during London Fashion Week September 2017 on September 19, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

And I can’t stress enough how important your website is, it’s like a map of your mind and skills. Do your best at maintaining a platform that represents you. A good example is Ioana herself, when you go on her website you understand from the beginning that she is a creative individual, artistic, she loves fashion, art, she paints and she travels. Go ahead and have a look for yourself IoanaNicolau.

So, the key to success? Emails! Some say it’s about luck, it might be true but if you won’t try, you will never find out. Trust me, emails are indeed the key to doors opening in front of you with endless opportunities, don’t hesitate.

Source: FashionHelpCenter

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me on Instagram, comment section or email. Insta Story will be the place where you will see live the LFW on Friday, but I can’t promise I will be able to write afterwards considering that I will be constantly traveling three days in a row. Now that I think of, no. So Instagram is the place where you will find all you are interested in next weekend until I get the time to write a proper article. Until then,



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