The Brand With Three Stripes – Adidas Falcon

Hello fashion lovers, today I will tell you the short story of how I got one of the most amazing shoes ever before leaving Israel. To be clear, what I had in mind was a pair of jeans and some shirts, nothing out of the ordinary. Little did I know that on my stop at Adidas I will fall in love, eternally, because I found a pair of Originals Falcon.

To be honest, Adidas for me meant Superstars, that’s it. Even though I tried to look at something else, nothing was worth replacing them. This changed when I discovered Falcon. The mix of colours, materials and the comfort they offer, managed to replace Superstars without a doubt. They have so many models and they look amazing with a skirt. That’s not all. When leaving Romania I was on the road and I had to wait in the airport before my departure a considerable amount of time. A total of 12 hours. Even so, my feet weren’t killing me for my surprise. There is no secret that sportswear can be elegant and those babies are no exception.

Navy blue, orange, pastel yellow, eggshell and turquoise, perfectly blend on the top but on the sole as well. Honestly now, if you were to be followed by paparazzi there wouldn’t be a shot without you looking cool. Only one bad thing happened with them. Smart me, I took them while walking the cat in the park. There was a puppy that started running towards us and in his excitement jumped and pressed its paw on the right shoe. A bit of dirt that was cleaned immediately with a wet cloth was no problem, but there was a thin line of grass that made me go crazy. Eventually my boyfriend managed to remove it with an eraser as he saw some tricks on Youtube. It worked, most of it was removed but still, I can see a tiny bit. So no, if you buy a pair with white areas, don’t take them out in the park. Learned my lesson. ( and he told me not to wear them ) Still, comparing them with Nike, Converse or Vans, they clean much easier. Just so you know. đŸ™‚

If you are looking to buy a pair of Falcons go ahead, Adidas has a sale now and some of them are even £60 and yes I bought another one, couldn’t resist. If you watched my Insta Story, yes, I’m talking about the “mystery box”, hold your horses, I will take some photos today and you will see exactly what’s inside by tomorrow!

Which one is your favourite? I personally want to collect all of them, new obsession alert. By the way, have you seen the Falcon ad with Kylie Jenner? Have a look and let me know what you think.



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