Back to Life, Back to Reality

Living the Dream

If you follow me on Instagram you know that from Israel I travelled to Romania. Even though I planned to write and post while there, unfortunately I had no time to do so. This is because I had to focus on a deadline from university regarding my final year dissertation. Really stressful, I have to admit that. The two weeks spent in Romania were great, they gave me exactly what I needed for the holiday closure.

Now I’m back in UK with my hands full for the next year, including the following two months on which we have to prepare and sort out everything for our move to London. Yes, that’s right, it’s finally happening. I can’t express in words how excited I am about this step, about all the possibilities and the beautiful people we met while there. The photos that I’m going to take there and our future studio are all I can think of since May, imagine how I feel now, knowing that the date is so close. Living in the heart of London, damn.

The purpose of this article was to give you a clear update considering the messages I got from some of you on Instagram. Starting tomorrow, everything will get back to normal as much as possible. But, of course there is a but, I will post a bit more often. Don’t worry, the product review posts won’t go anywhere, what I mean is that I will post more about my daily life, considering that so many things happen and some of them are worth sharing, you know? Insta stories or Twitter sometimes feel like are not enough, so why not change this?

Tomorrow you will find a new article available, product review but this time it won’t be about makeup or beauty. You either love it, or hate it. Gosh, it feels so good writing again, like a breath of fresh air.



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