Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder

It’s not only the bags and the No. 5 that gets us crazy when it comes to Chanel, it’s the makeup line as well. Why? A long time ago I started to use this powder in the shade 20 CLAIR but unfortunately my makeup skills back then were more or less limited and I had no idea of how to appreciate a good quality product. Now, Andrei gave me the powder as a gift when he arrived in Tel Aviv and I got to test it over this 10 days period, allowing me to form an actual opinion about this luxurious product.

Is it worth £40?

I should go ahead and give you an honest YES! Besides the package as you know I’m a fan of details, besides the quality of the entire product, this powder manages to stay on your face all day long including after a swim in the ocean. Yes, you read that right. I was more surprised than you when Andrei asked me if I used the powder while in the sea, pointing out that it was still intact on my face. I got out of the water and checked it out and he was right, it was still there. When I got home around 7 pm and started to remove my makeup, the pads still had a lot of product to remove from my face, a lot considering that I spent the entire day on the beach, swimming and taking showers. I mean WOW, right?

Too expensive?

If you are a powder addict and you really want one of those in your purse or makeup drawer, ( purse, let’s be honest, this makeup product own its birth right to stay in our purses) , but your wallet screams ‘No!’, I may have an idea for you. Use it simultaneously with another powder, a drugstore one preferably. Buy one which is affordable and keep this one with you while away to maintain your makeup, this is what I do and it does wonders. Truth to be told, I use powder everyday, I would be dead without it and only the thought of running out makes me sick. Now with Chanel, I honestly can’t see my makeup routine without it and considering the expenses that will come with the start of my last University year, I can’t afford going crazy like before. What do you think?

Considering the quality of the product I can’t say it’s overpriced even though in this amount the brand is included as well. This is because it does exactly what we expect from a good powder, it blends perfectly with the foundation, contour, has a long last, smooth texture and a mesmerising smell. Another important detail is that the powder comes with a small pouch holder which is pretty cool considering that you can protect it from scratches and keeping it look like it’s brand new. The size is yet again perfect for a small purse or clutch and let’s be honest, when you buy this powder you don’t pay only for a makeup product but for an accessory as well, we all know how good it looks.

Have you tried this powder before? If so, what do you think? Let us know in the comment section down below!



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