Getaway in Israel

I have to mention from the beginning that even though we visited those places before, like for example this is the 6th time when I go to the Dead Sea, there were still plenty of pleasant surprises on the road.

We stayed in Eilat at this beautiful villa which had an amazing pool with a Hollywoodian view over the city an d guess what, during the night it was even more beautiful, breath taking. It was exactly what we needed after a day on the road and a stop at Mitzpe Ramon. We were exhausted but this didn’t stop us from going straight to the beach and enjoy the waves and a cold beer. The only problem we had was that the internet was poor and because of this I couldn’t post while away, ending up with loads of material and little time to edit it.

Eilat is a luxurious destination, a paradise for shopping lovers considering that everything is tax free, an oasis of relaxation surrounded by marvellous buildings and palm trees where time stops while you enjoy a mojito on the sun-bed. During the night you enjoy a vibrant promenade with stores opened until late, restaurants and a fun park, giving me a lot of frames for my GoPro. We ended both our days while there by swimming in the pool and listening to music, enjoying the view I mentioned.

With this trip I got to wear again my accordion dress and my apparently favourite Hello Sunshine hat which saved me from the burning sun, and I finally got to have a uniform tan. Even though Eilat is a luxurious destination, the prices are cheaper than Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel, at least from the ones I saw so far. If you plan to visit Eilat you should plan the trip ahead and make sure you find a hotel or villa with a pool, trust me, it wouldn’t be the same without it.

The Dead Sea welcomed us with a temperature of 44 degrees and of course the beloved sun which followed us everywhere. The rocks from the cold bottom of the Red Sea were now replaced by soft, clean and warm salt, pushing our bodies up, floating in ‘soup’. We spent only a couple of hours here considering the high temperature and we made our way back to Tel Aviv. The only sad thing from this trip happened while on a break, if you are not aware, here you find camels to take photos with, designated for tourists. Even though it may sound exciting and you may want to pay for this ‘service’, don’t. While I was looking at one of the camels, she was standing there like a statue, the ‘owner’ approached us from behind and we could tell by the grimace made by the animal when seeing him, you could read the pain and the fear on its eyes. This made us look a bit closer and realised that the animal had scars all over the body and the ‘owner’ started to touch her neck over the scars, making the camel bend and kneel down in front of him. The Arab asked us if we want a photo and we gave him a loud no, avoiding this way to encourage this heart breaking slaughtering.

Except this, everything was perfect and I’m more than happy with the photos and the videos I got so far and I’m really, really excited to finish recording and start making the final one. Hope you enjoy this brief post while I’m doing my best to manage the rest of the articles, photos and videos, honestly it’s a complete mess. Anyway, now me and Andrei are doing our best to plan our next stop at Sabich in Tel Aviv, the place posted by Neil Patrick Harris while here. Afterwards we need to see how we manage to go again in Caesarea and then in Jerusalem, really hard to plan considering that he has less than a week to spend here.


Amazing time at the Red Sea

PS: Another product review is in the making but I honestly struggle with time management, if you have any tips, please, don’t hesitate to post them down below.



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