Experience Tel Aviv

If you were wondering why I haven’t posted anything in the last couple of days, you are about to find out why. Sunday, my boyfriend finally joined us in Tel Aviv for his summer break, and boy, if time was flying too fast before, now I feel like I have absolutely no control over it. We decided to start his two weeks vacay with a lot of sun, waves and street food.

The first thing that will impress you in Israel like Neil Patrick Harris stated ‘The food here is amazing’ and you can’t have enough. On our first day together here we went straight to our favourite falafel place and it was the right thing to do after an exhausting 4 hours on the beach. For 6 Nis, which is less than 2 dollars, you get the best falafel and the best sauces out there, this is after you wait over the huge queue that forms in front of the kiosk. One of the best things while traveling is to try out the local food and that’s exactly what we are going to do this time. Yes, we tried it before but mostly was from restaurants, the point this time is to experience the street food not only from Tel Aviv but from the rest of our destinations within Israel.

Truth to be told, I’m really excited about Jerusalem, we saw a couple of videos on Youtube which got us really hyped about the whole idea, so sometime next week I will share a bite with you from Jerusalem. If you checked out my Travel section, you know that I’m in the making of a video about Israel and for this I want to gather as much material as possible with all the locations I will bee visiting and yes, the Dead Sea will most certainly be included, don’t you worry.

For these days in which we are almost constantly on the road, I chose to wear linen trousers, white tops and of course my ‘Hello sunshine’ hat. But tomorrow is going to be a totally different story because I finally managed to create an outfit for the road which is both feminine and comfortable and it’s going to be all over my social media accounts.

From food to designer fakes and Balenciaga footwear, the vibrant and chaotic Carmel Market has everything you could possibly think of, offering the best experience for food lovers at a small price. My parents used to live next to it until recently and I’m quite familiar with it but even so, it’s still surprising me each time. I ended up with a pair of glasses to die for which you will definitely see in my next posts and a couple of photos to show you exactly what I’m talking about.

The next stop from Carmel Market was Delicatessen, best choice in terms of restaurants that has a shop as well with cheese, wine, meat and olives from which we bought all that was necessary to make the best pizza ever. ( It was gone before I had time to think about pulling the camera out) I haven’t realised until now while writing this article, that we actually took this food experience more seriously than planned and even though it is really exciting and amazing, I really hope that all my workout results won’t vanish too fast, otherwise I will end up having only selfies from this vacation. :))

If you were wondering about the night life in Tel Aviv, I must say, there is no difference than the daytime, there is a reason it’s called the city that doesn’t sleep, you know? We planned to go out for a drink and after crossing the street and waiting for dozens of traffic lights, we finally found a place with a table available and this happened after one hour of desperate search. Everyone is out enjoying life and a good glass of wine and so did we, only with beer at this chic place with good music called Bread Story. I have to mention that it has good prices considering that it is located on Dizengoff Street which I heard is the most expensive one in Tel Aviv.

At the moment we are in Eilat and yesterday we had a beautiful day at the Red Sea, by the pool which has an amazing panorama and visiting Mitzpe Ramon for the second time. I hope you enjoyed this super resumed post and later today I will start posting about the road trip and how things are going so far.

See you soon!



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