Why to replace Body Lotion with Body Soufflé

Most of us have to deal with dry skin, especially in the winter. If you tried numerous lotions and body butters and you still haven’t got the desired results, hang with me and you will find out why.

For a long time I’ve been a fan of body butters, lotions not so much because the smell doesn’t persist usually and the smooth effect lasts for an hour if you are lucky. So I decided to go ahead and find something worth buying and little did I know that it was all this time in front of me. If you know me, you know I’m a fan of natural oils and truth to be told, nothing surpasses them. But when you go out you can’t apply oils as they are a real threat to clothes and besides, some don’t have a nice natural fragrance like coconut oil.

I’ve found myself lost in the land of body cosmetics, Laline. I was confused with no idea of what to try next, so the seller came to the rescue and started to ask me a couple of question to understand what I was looking for. I thought I didn’t know for myself but for my surprise she pointed to a shelf. ‘Deep moisture that persists plus fragrance? Come this way’ So I followed like an apprentice and she started to open up some really cute jars, boxes with bows and bottles with labels that made me feel like I was in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or something. We already established somehow that what I needed was a Body Soufflé and we were looking for the right mixture to finish the puzzle. Vanilla pink pepper, frozen pear, violet amber, coconut and cherry blossom and those are just a few. God, they have so many options that made it almost impossible to decide, ending up with three different ones considering the deal they had that day. Lucky me! I kept only one for myself and the rest I offered as gifts, but trust me, I made the right choice.

Body Soufflé with Monoi, which guess what, has coconut as a base. Truth to be told, when I was in the store I didn’t pick this one because I knew about the properties it has but because of the fragrance. Just … the most beautiful fragrance so far. It’s intense but delicate at the same time, and it persists for almost a day. A day! I was really sceptic at first, like yes I tried out some samples in the store but still. Moving forward, monoi oil has amazing properties and a really interesting history as well. I won’t bore you with historical facts but it’s been out there for so long for a reason. Anyway, 97% of its composition is made out of pure coconut oil and from Tiare Tahiti flower.

Now back to Laline’s Body Soufflé, it is paraben free, it contains jojoba, calendula, borage oil combined with beeswax and Aloe Vera extract.

The differences between Body Lotion and Body Soufflé

As soon as you apply the soufflé you feel the difference meaning that the skin is soft, radiant and silky. Even though it doesn’t say on the package, it lasts 24 hours including the fragrance. Compared with lotions and creams where you see a difference only when you apply them, with the soufflé you will keep seeing improvements after each application. I think if I say that it repairs the skin is too much but it most certainly feels like it. You will fall in love as well with the texture, it’s smoother than the butter and silkier than the lotion and most importantly, it’s not greasy. It gets immediately into the skin compared with other products I have tried and it allows the skin to breathe which makes it perfect for summer days as well. I read somewhere that most of the creams out there are the same and they are not beneficial for our body, the need to hydrate our skin through the use of creams being a myth. Personally I tend to believe this theory and that’s why I look for body cosmetics that have natural oils as a base. Oils are beneficial and it’s been proved we need them, those are the ones that actually improve our skin and hair. If you think about this theory you will understand why it’s really important when picking one for the face, we all know that the wrong face cream can cause redness and all sorts of things.

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you are interested about Laline and the amazing variety of products they have to offer, including from the Dead Sea, go ahead and visit their website: http://www.laline.com

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