Best Drugstore Makeup Part II

Hi there makeup lovers, today I will continue with the list by showing you 5 more products that offer good quality at a small price and I will add a bonus as well!

Cat eyes

I’m not a makeup expert but when it comes to eyeliners I had a varied experience over the years, considering that I started to use it 10 years ago. I tried so many different brands, brushes, pencils and textures and I can tell you for sure that L’Oréal Black Lacquer is the best one so far. Waterproof, indeed, this is the only eyeliner that truly resists when exposed to water but what I really like about it is that it doesn’t leak on your face like in a telenovela or something. The thing with this eyeliner is that it comes off in small pieces, like a sticker. It is waterproof indeed but it’s different. Most of the eyeliners I have tried so far, the waterproof ones I mean, once they get dry they get completely mat. Of course I don’t want it to glow but I still want a bit of shine on it and this one does exactly that. A professional formula that won the first place in my heart. Thanks to the brush, now it’s much easier to correct if necessary. Once dry, you know it’s not going anywhere and it costs only £4.66!

I’m wearing L’Oréal Black Lacquer here and Bourjois Rouge Velvet 01 Lipstick


Even though the primer has its role, I have to admit that I skipped it for a while. Once I finished my MAC primer I didn’t go out to buy another one or replace it. This changed last month when I bought, just for review, Maybelline FaceStudio prime. The role of the primer is to fill small imperfections, pores and wrinkles but not all of them do a good job. Before I had the MAC one, I came to the conclusion that Primer means waste of money. Well, it’s a different story with this one from Maybelline. After application, the skin feels nourished and so, so soft and this is because it has powder in the composition. This is the first primer that actually enhances my skin ( in my case ), it looks hydrated and glowing. After you apply it, wait for 2 minutes and then apply the foundation. Here comes the interesting part, the foundation blends evenly much easier, they blend together as if they were one. I have to mention this because my previous experiences were awful, other primers made my face greasy, the foundation was running as if it was on ice and the makeup was coming off much easier. The FaceStudio prime does indeed a good job and even though it costs around $10, it is totally worth it.

Fuller Lips

Did anyone say lipliner? If you are a fan of voluminous lips but don’t want to throw loads of money out of the window for a lipliner, Essence has the answer for you! The long lasting lipliner they have does a pretty amazing job for only $2.20!There are so many shades available and the texture is to die for. It blends well with the lipstick, creates volume easily and yet again, it lasts for a long period of time. For example, I applied the lipliner then the Sleek liquid lipstick, and it lasted for almost an entire day! I read that others apply the lipliner instead of a lipstick, but this way it won’t last that long because it requires a coat! 😦


Like it happened in yesterday’s article, I have two products that fight for the first place, and this time we are talking about powder. Both Bourjois and L’Oréal have the most amazing drugstore powders and they are basically the only ones I buy. The L’Oréal True Match blends easily with the rest of the makeup but, but, Bourjois Healthy Balance lasts longer and after you apply it, the skin is soft and smooth. So, I will go on and say Bourjois is the best drugstore powder I have tried so far, it tops Revlon and Maybelline without a doubt, has an anti-shine and hydrating formula and it smells amazing! It costs between $7 or $8 which I will go ahead and say it’s actually pretty cheap considering the quality. The only bad thing about this one is that it is limited in terms of shades. 😦

Perfect Eyebrows

I have blonde eyebrows, really blonde, meaning that they are barely visible. Even though in high-school I found this to be a problem, mostly because I was getting up pretty late and I didn’t have time to make them properly, now I got to the point where I’m pretty happy with them. The eyebrows define your entire face, they can correct it, shape it or even show a part of your personality. With the proper products I can experiment and try out all sorts of shapes for my eyebrows and I find it quite interesting and sometimes funny, but I repeat, this is only when you have the right products. All the brands you heard of, guess what, I tried them all, everything, powders, pencils and gels, and most of the time I had no choice but to throw them away. Not even Chanel satisfy me and this is because the Blonde shade was really dark and not even powder could fix it. ( at least they come with a sharpener ) In the end I discovered two products that finally put my search to a rest and the one I’m going to talk today is the Sleek Powder Pencil. For only $5 I can actually have control over my eyebrows, the pencil lasts an entire day or even longer which is pretty amazing and even more, they have realistic shades, finally. I mean, I bought Blonde 1250 and it’s really an adequate colour for blondes. It blends with eyebrow powder and it looks natural. The tip doesn’t dry out like most of the pencils and you have enough product to last for 2 to 3 months!

Big No No!

Until now I’ve talked about the good products, the ones I recommend and I’m happy with, but, I decided as a bonus, to add one more product that disappointed me completely, even though everyone is praising it and you see it now almost everywhere.

NYX Lingerie

I bought this liquid lipstick because I saw so many positive reviews everywhere and even famous makeup experts on Youtube praised it so I thought, why not try it out for myself, right? $7 doesn’t sound a lot, but $7 for this product is. Basically, the brush comes out full of product and clumps, it doesn’t look professional at all. I mention this because on the tube says: Professional Makeup. Really? Professional for children perhaps. Anyway, when you start applying it on the lips another nightmare begins and I’m not talking about the one on Elm Street, no, but about one involving the Joker from Batman. It leaks people, it leaks while you are trying to apply it!!! Okay, so, after you get it somehow to stay on the lips you have to wait for it to dry. Grab a book, it will take a while. The texture feels very wrong, it’s like you have foundation and powder on your lips and it’s sticky. Another thing I forgot to mention in the beginning is that it has a strong chemical odour and glue which will last on your lips for the first twenty minutes or so. If you are still interested in buying this product, don’t drink while wearing it because it will start coming off immediately and your lips will become salty for some reason. I mean come on !!!! Anyway, because of the high powder content, your lips will look exactly as if you applied powder by yourself, ( a lot of it ) on top of the lipstick. It doesn’t blend and your lips will feel like you have super glue on them until it comes off. Officially the worst product I have ever bought!

Have a look for yourself:

Stay with me and tomorrow I will share with you a makeup brand I discovered which is even cheaper than the drugstore products! Hope you enjoyed this article and don’t hesitate to share if you had good or bad experiences with those products.



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