Moschino Fresh Couture. My New Addiction – Review

For a long time Gucci Bloom was my favourite in terms of designer body care and fragrance even though Chanel has its spot saved in my heart. In terms of fragrance intensity, the Gucci lotion was and continues to be amazing because once you open the cap, the entire room is filled with that amazing floral scent. Even so, the other day we went on the beach and on our way home we decided to stop at Beauty Store ( I mentioned it before ) and have a look. We were mostly looking for a blush and a new foundation but little did we know about what we were going to discover.

Of course we ended up buying completely different things than the ones we established beforehand, they were replaced by translucid powder, concealer and white nail polish. But the magic happened when we were in the queue waiting to pay. To be honest, it was impossible not to see the elegant, minimalist italianicity of the package, a white background, a golden stripe and a black font saying MOSCHINO. I turned 180 degrees and got one without even thinking about it. I have back home the Moschino Fresh Couture perfume and it’s the perfect choice when going out but truth to be told I was really curious if the lotion was any good.

The first surprise happened when I grabbed the box as again, similar with the Penina Rosenblum case, the fragrance was coming through all the layers of packaging. Imagine my face in the store, you could read the surprise on my face. What is even more amazing is that when we got home and opened the pack, the fragrance basically hit our nostrils, so intense, so fresh. The lotion itself has a milky texture, really smooth, gets into the skin rapidly but what I like the most about it, is the way the skin feels after application, nourished and soft. Another important fact worth mentioning is that it doesn’t leave greasy hands, you won’t leave fingerprints all over your gadgets which usually happens with other lotions, at least in my case.

There is no need to talk about the packaging, you either love the Fresh Couture or not. It’s simple as that. Personally, I think it’s genius, I love the perfume bottle design and I love this one as well. I recommend buying it mostly because it lasts around 4 hours, the intensity of the fragrance persisting pretty well even in really hot circumstances. It says on the back that it works great on a date, at work, at a formal event and much more and it has a caution part as well: This gel may make you feel fresh! Look at you Moschino, good looking and with sense of humour!

The woody and floral scent with notes of ylang ylang and white peony made us go back and buy a second one, just in case, you know? I think I might even love it more than Gucci now but I’m not 100% sure.

Have you tried Moschino Fresh Couture? How much do you love it?



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