How to get beautiful hair in a day – Hair Care Routine when using Irons

Ultimate Guide for Strong and Glowing Hair

We all want a healthy and glowing hair, silky and smooth, falling down on our shoulders, moving with every wind blow. But when you straighten your hair on a daily basis you will start to notice that with each day, your hair gets dry and dull, transforming the ends into something similar with a broom. The first thing that comes into your mind is to cut it. Don’t! Believe it or not, you can still save it, putting it back on its feet looking even healthier than before.

Hair Mask

You know that I’m a huge fan of natural oils masks, I talk about them all the time and this is because they work, each application impressing me. I have told you previously that when you buy a hair straightener you need to buy a heat protector spray as well. Well, I didn’t. My hair was pretty healthy and strong so I decided that the spray can wait for a day or two, and boy how wrong I was. So basically in four days, to be more specific, my ends became puffy, it tangled a lot and it looked like a broom. I thought about cutting it a bit but then I remembered when this happened the last time and how I fixed it. I did it and it worked and now that it is tested, I can share it out with you.

All you need is coconut oil, a bottle of argan oil and preferably a hemp seed oil one as well. First you apply the coconut throughout your hair from roots to ends, you make sure that every area is well hydrated and then you do the same with the argan one. Afterwards you simply apply the third layer of oil if you have it and put your hair up into a bun. Optional, you can spray some water mixed with glycerin and you are done. The secret to this mask, the most important part, is how long you leave it. I personally slept with it over night, woke up and had my coffee and then I jumped in the shower. After you wash it with your usual shampoo and conditioner, comb the hair and let it breathe for a while until it’s more or less dry. At this point, all you have to do is to put a small amount of argan oil between your hands and apply it only on the length of your hair and ends, grab all of it and put it back in a bun until it’s completely dry. Voila!

Some people have told me that it sound difficult but trust me, it’s not difficult at all and even so, when you will see the results you won’t care anymore. You can do this up to three times a week, it depends on how damaged your hair is or how fast you want it to grow. Yes, it speeds up the growing process as well. Believe me when I say that this it the only way that worked for me, restoring that broom seemed like a challenge and it was fixed with one good night sleep. 🙂

Heat Protector Spray

This should be included in the same pack with the hair straightener because otherwise you will tend to do the same mistake as I did. This is just as important as picking the hair straightener itself, so spending a couple of bucks more is actually for your benefit. About two years ago I came to the conclusion that heat protecting sprays or masks are just a scam and this is because all I have tried until that moment, was rubbish. None of them worked and my hair was still getting fried and dull. My opinion changed not long ago when I read about Aussie’s leave in conditioner. The milky formula leaves your hair soft, penetrates the hair texture and protects it from heat. With this you can blow dry and straighten your hair without the stress of ruining it. It is worth trying out as it costs around £5 and you can find it in almost any drugstore.

Another option would be L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Colour 10 in 1. Even though it is a bit pricy, this is for sure a must have when you style your hair daily. It protects but as well offers a salon effect, reduces frizziness, enhances natural glow and makes it feel healthy. It says that it repairs but I don’t believe that part. It costs £15 or £16, depending on the store, but you will pay mostly for the heat protection, just so you know. Once I was getting ready to go out, my hair was still a bit wet but because I was in a rush I had no choice but to apply the L’Oréal Professionnel. Surprisingly enough it didn’t affect my hair like most of the sprays, I was able to style as usual without a problem. I had to mention this because some sprays can’t be applied on wet hair, stealing all the volume and making it look sticky. It’s not the case with this one so it’s a win!

The Moroccanoil heat protection spray might be as well a good if not the best solution for you. I say this because some girls don’t get the same results as I do while using the Aussie’s leave in conditioner for example. Moroccanoil promises to manage all hair types and so far from what I’ve seen and read, it does. Even though it is a bit pricy, it is totally worth the money. The protect and prevent spray from this collection maintains the colour as well and leaves your hair smooth and soft and you can say goodbye to tangled hair or puffy ends. Another bonus would be that the styling is much easier and adds a bit of volume which is always more than welcomed, right?


For a couple of years now, my favourite choice was L’Oréal Elnett Satin, it does a really good job and many celebrity stylists love it as well. It leaves a soft, shiny finish while giving the hair a strong hold that lasts for the entire day. I remember how surprised I was that it lasted through a 10 minutes walk in the rain. Nothing can replace this, at least in my case but even so I wanted to make a change, I wanted more. I read about Syoss Salon Plex and I was impressed with all the positive reviews so I went out and bought one for myself. (also I have to mention that the shampoo does an amazing job so this influenced my opinion as well) It has a decent price for something that promises a 48 hour lasting and extra strong hold, which is also anti-frizz and provides a healthy hair feeling. I mean, does this sound like a party or not? I bought it from Israel with 25 Nis (around 5 pounds) so for this amount of money it felt like a bargain.

First things first, the packaging. You knew that I was going to start with this, right? I can’t help it. The packaging looks indeed professional, feels a bit expensive and looks good on the shelf, but what I like the most is the mat finish. Don’t ask. Moving forward, the first time when I used it, I was impressed, I don’t know how but everything stated on the bottle happened except the 48 hours lasting because when in I’m in Tel aviv I wash my hair almost daily after the beach. So, I was pleased with it because my hair indeed kept its glow and smoothness after using the hair straightener, and I could see what they meant by salon effect. It felt like it was freshly trimmed or something. So far, amazing. But, there is a but, second time when I used it and my hair was freshly washed, once I applied the hairspray, it was all gone. All. I couldn’t brush it anymore because it was getting tangled each time, it felt dry, and the glow was gone as well. I couldn’t understand the big difference from the first and second application so I tried it again, for the third time. The secret for this hairspray apparently, is to apply it on the second day after you washed your hair. Well, goodbye Syoss! Even though it sounds like a joke, it’s not. I tried it two more times, just to be sure and yes, it’s true. Have you tried it? do you have the same problem? In conclusion I will keep Syoss for England but for really hot weather I will stick with L’Oréal.


If you haven’t heard or tried out this brand, you really need to go and buy one. Everyone is talking about it and everyone loves it, including myself. Truth to be told, this is the only commercial brand that actually does miracles for your hair and even more amazing, it happens after the first application. I read about it on a blog and somehow after, more and more articles started to appear. It is not natural but somehow still manages to impress me. I purchased the Moroccanoil treatment for all hair types because it can be easily be applied on dry hair, providing a long term conditioning. It is immediately absorbed into your hair and doesn’t leave any residue at all. After two applications you will start to notice some serious changes including natural glow and an enhanced manageability. For my biggest surprise it is more expensive in Romania than Israel so I have to buy more of their products to test out from here. It’s the same as Penina Rosenblum lotion, you simply can’t have enough. The Moroccanoil formula doesn’t contain alcohol, meaning that it won’t affect your hair on the long term use, making it dry or dull. I consider it to be a must in the hair care routine for those of you who use hair straightener or curler on a daily basis. When it comes to oils, I always prefer to apply them while the hair is still wet, working better this way and guess what, you can do this with Moroccanoil. Love it!

I made a section only about Moroccanoil because they provide all the products you hair needs and the quality is over the roof. I might end up using only their products because so far I wasn’t disappointed at all. If I was to reduce my recommendations to only one brand, this would be the one.

Hair Brush

A very important element as well, the hairbrush if not chose carefully, might destroy all that you have built. And please, don’t worry, I’m not talking about the expensive ones that have a power cord attached to their end. It’s the anti static ones that you need. For a long time I’ve used plastic or metal ones, all ending up braking my hair or creating a horrible frizziness and all this time I blamed my hair. Yeah, I know. It was later when I discovered thanks to my mom, that the best choice is either one made of soft faux hair or out of wood. They brush while taming your wild locks, keeping the hair in place. You don’t have to go for the most expensive one out there and even though it might be confusing with so many brands providing the same product, just stick with the one in your budget range.

Hope you enjoyed this article and let me know if you have tried any of these products and how they worked for you. Don’t hesitate to reach me on social media if you have any requests or questions.



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