#TheDailyOutfit Everyday Fashion

I got a few messages from people asking about my favourite piece of clothing, the one I would wear everyday without second thoughts. First of all I would like to thank to those of you who write to me, you don’t know how much I appreciate it and I will go ahead and post the photos plus some ideas on how to match it. I think it’s a casual outfit perfect for work days or school but if you add some accessories around the neck you can definitely go out for some drinks with it as well. Can you guess what it is?

Available at Zara
I love to pair blue shirts with either black jeans or white trousers, I think it mostly depends on the mood or weather. Either way, when it comes to bags or purses there is no doubt I will go for the red one. This is not only because of the colour but because the strap is short, having the purse hanging around the waist area, which makes it kind of vogue, very feminine and classy.

Celebs wearing blue shirts

I read somewhere that blue shirts are only for cold season and I dare to say that it is completely wrong, nothing can steal the pleasure of a blue shirt in a summer afternoon, sipping a margarita or martini, waiting for the sunset.



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