Babyliss Straightener Elegance

Due to the recent changes in terms of look and hairstyle, I had no choice but to buy another hair straightener as I forgot mine in UK. Of course I wasn’t looking to spend tones of money on it considering that I already own one, but I still needed to buy something of good quality. I took this as a chance to try out a different brand and after some searching, I found Babyliss. The thing is, two years ago when I wanted to buy a straightener from Israel, I was shocked because of the high prices, but somehow this time I was lucky enough to pay the same price as in UK. I bought it from Beauty Store which is near Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv. I was impressed about all the things specified on the box and by the design as well. I changed my opinion a bit when I opened it, because the gold finish ( thanks God it’s not a lot ) looks really cheap, at least in my opinion. It comes with a cover which looks pretty good but I find it kind of difficult when I have to put the straightener back in.

Now let’s talk about what really matters. It has long ceramic plates with 3 heat settings and it goes up to 235 °C plus a 3 m power cord which allows you to move around freely. The lowest position doesn’t do much and the third one, the highest, I consider to be too strong for my hair so I stick with the second one. What is impressive is that it leaves indeed a smooth finish and even more impressive, the straight hair lasts almost three days. Last time when I straightened my hair in Israel I was lucky if it lasted 2 hours so this one does a pretty good job. I have to admit that after each use I feel like I just got out of a salon. What is inconvenient though is that it doesn’t heat up in 15 seconds as they say, it’s more like 2 minutes for some reason.

If you love your hair you really need to buy hair protectant spray, Babyliss or not, expensive or cheap, all of them damage your hair. I learned this a long time ago and I can’t tell you how good it was if someone would have told me back then. This means that when you buy the hair straightener you need to buy the spray in the same day. So if the straightener costs £40 you might need to pay around £55 or £60. If you read my previous articles you know how pleased I was with my hair back on track and I can happily say the straightener didn’t do too much harm but all thanks to being cautious. Don’t skip the hair protectant!

Overall, I’m happy with Babyliss, it does a pretty decent job, you don’t have to spend hours and hours to straighten your hair, for me 15 minutes is enough and I’m a perfectionist. The thin plates won’t take up much space in your travel suitcase and you can put that pretty cover at use as well. If I was to rate this product I would give it a 4 and this is because of the cheap gold finish that I really hate. I must say though, it is a bit better than my Rowenta straightener on which I paid triple money. So, you know …

Hope you enjoyed this article and tomorrow I will add a list with the hair products I use to keep my hair straight as long as possible and as well a hair health care routine that will allow you to use the hair straightener daily without any damages.



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