5 Celebrity Beauty Products that are Dangerous

Today I will come with some disappointing news if you are a fan of those on the list. We will discuss 5 celebrity brands that won’t ruin only your bank account, but your skin and health as well. Shall we?

Kylie Jenner

Perhaps the most disappointing one from the list, Kylie Jenner, self made billionaire or not, managed to upset her fans more than once. First of all, let’s talk about Kylie Skin and her Walnut Scrub which contains extremely abrasive particles that are meant to exfoliate the skin. Unfortunately, experts say that it is too harsh for the skin, doing nothing more than exacerbating the signs of ageing. Even though she claims of using it everyday and that it is gentle, many dermatologist and fans who tested it out disagree with her.

The second product comes this time from Kylie Cosmetics, and yes we are talking about her famous Lip Kits. Even though they sell almost immediately and represent the core of her beauty empire, many are disappointed and suffered after using it. Some people were even sent to the hospital after applying it and others experienced headaches, fever and nausea. Everyone assumed they are high quality considering how pricy they are, but Kylie Cosmetics proved us wrong.

Kim Kardashian West

Personally I’m really excited about her new body foundation and I’m glad it’s not on the list but this doesn’t mean Kimmy didn’t do wrong. Her KKW fragrance line despite being a huge hit, was refused shipping by big companies like FedEx because of the high alcohol level in her KKW Crystal Gardenia. This made the product a real fire hazard and it is considered to be a risk to consumers. Don’t light up that match!

Jeffree Star

One of the highest paid Youtubers and a beauty expert, Jeffree Star founded his line of cosmetics which is a true hit. Even though everyone seems to be pleased by the quality, there were a few not so lucky. One fan in particular bought a Velour Liquid Lipstick and was shocked to find some sort of mold inside of it, posting the images on social media. Following this, more costumers turn to social media to express similar ‘surprises’, some even found hair in the highlighter. Jeffree responded by condemning the retail store Clarie’s and warned everyone who has kids to think twice before buying from there. Thank you Jeffree!

Gwyneth Paltrow

The blond beauty that we all love to see on the big screen, promotes as most of us know, really expensive everyday items. Perhaps she doesn’t know that not everyone lives the American dream. Some of her recommendations took the consumer risk to a whole new level. Paltrow owns Goop, a natural health company which after a recent inspection, had Sunscreen removed from the store due to not having proper licence for it. Selling untested sunscreen was called by the actress a ‘mistake’ but she continued with the scandalous reputation. Her company made unscientific claims about the health benefits of using jade egg, something that is designed to be used in a very sensitive area, and she had to pay $145,000.

Jessica Alba

The last on today’s list, besides from being a loved actress, Jessica Alba is as well the founder of The Honest Company, which comes as a result after she had her first child. She realised how many chemicals are out there and she wanted to do things right. But her honesty moved slowly until the point were baby wipes with mold were removed from the market followed by sunscreen that didn’t work at all due to insufficient SPF. Customers claimed they were badly burned because of this, making her company not honest at all in the end. It resulted in a lawsuit and it was exactly what we needed to understand that nothing is what it seems and we need to be more careful when going out shopping.

Hope you enjoyed today’s article and let us know in the comment section down below if you had any bad experiences with beauty products.



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