Secrets To Long Nails

How to grow long Beautiful Nails

If you are here it means you are going through the struggle I was three years ago. And oh, what a struggle! I remember that at some point I ended up deciding to have fake ones instead. But I’m really glad that I kept trying because now I’ve come to know exactly what it needs to grow the nails of your dreams. And don’t worry, it doesn’t involve anything weird. Or does it?

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is not something you would buy just for the sake of your nails. You can use it on your face, eyebrows and lashes, most importantly on your hair and of course, skin. I have to say it’s a personal favourite considering that every time I use it I feel like on a tropical island, simply love the smell. What coconut oil does, is that it hydrates your cuticles and strengthens the nails. We all agree that healthy nails mean long nails, right? It reduces exfoliation and on long term use, you will see that they will be strong without any nail polish or gel on them.


Never cut them. Yes, mind blowing, I know. This might be one of the biggest mistakes when taking care of our nails. Except the fact that it’s even illegal in some states and it’s very dangerous because you can get infections, cuticles are there to protect the nails from bacterias. Also, from experience, if you leave them alone and instead of cutting they are properly pushed, you won’t even notice and they assure healthier and stronger nails.


Garlic is well known for its beneficial properties, but did you know its a really good nail hardener? Even though I’m not using it anymore, in first place when my nails were worse than gummy bears, I had no choice but to do it. Simply cut out some garlic and massage it into your nails two times a week. But be aware, the smell can persist and for this you can either wash your hands with dish soap or rub them with coffee. (the things you do for beauty) It’s really good for putting those nails back on track, trust me.

Sally Hansen

So, here it comes, my biggest secret. Even though it is a bit pricy, it depends where you are buying it from, this is the answer for all of our nail related problems. This is AMAZING. I bought it for the first time two years ago, and since then I haven’t tried anything else. Sally Hansen, God bless her, is the Queen of nails, literally, the Queen. The first one I had and amazed me, was Diamond Strength and it’s still my favourite now that I think about it. How can I put this, you have the shittiest nail polish but you really like the colour, Sally doesn’t care, she will make your nails hard as a rock. Literally the best product money can buy. But I have to add, when you buy it take Amazon as a first choice because in store it can be really pricy, like three or four times more expensive. If you are lazy you can literally skip the coconut and garlic, Sally is doing it for you. ( this sounds funny ) Once you see the quality of this product, you will thank me, because now you can stop spending money on treatments or God knows what. You’re welcome!

Tip: I applied it as a base, then the nail polish then I applied it again as a coat. Yes, my nails were that bad.

Another advice, don’t let the nail polish for too long on your nails, remove it at least once a week and let your nails breathe for an hour or so. After a while, the nail polish turns into nothing more than a thin foil of plastic, at least it feels like it, and it doesn’t protect your nails like it was in the first day or second day of application.

Hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful. Follow me on social media to see what products I’ve been testing out lately or to tell me about your experiences.



Secrete pentru unghii lungi

Daca citesti acest articol inseamna ca ai ajuns la capatul rabdarii in ceea ce priveste unghiile, acum trei ani ma aflam si eu in acelasi impas. Crede-ma, stiu prin ce treci. Imi amintesc ca la un moment dat aproape ca renuntasem si ma gandeam sa imi pun unghii cu gel, insa ma bucur enorm ca nu am facut asta. Acum stiu exact de ce au nevoie unghiile mele pentru a creste asa cum imi doresc si am sa impartasesc asta si cu voi.

Uleiul de cocos

Uleiul de cocos nu este doar pentru fata, par sau piele, ci si pentru gene si sprancene, ajutand la indesirea acestora. Este unul dintre uleiurile mele preferate deoarece mirosul este extraordinar si dupa fiecare aplicare se simte de parca ti-ai dat un refresh general. Acesta hidrateaza cuticulele si intareste unghiile, asigurand sanatatea lor. Cu toti stim ca unghii sanatoase inseamna unghii lungi, nu? Pe langa asta, daca este folosit pe o perioada mai lunga reduce exfolierea unghiilor si o sa observati ca or sa fie tari fara a mai aplica lac de unghii sau oja.


Nu le taiati niciodata! Da, a-ti auzit bine. Asta ar putea fi una dintre cele mai mari greseli pe care le facem atunci cand vine vorba de ingrijirea unghiilor. In unele tari este chiar ilegala aceasta procedura, taierea cuticulelor fiind extrem de periculoasa, existand riscul infectiilor. Cu toate acestea, unele saloane continua sa o faca dar trebuie sa refuzam. Cuticulele au rolul de a proteja unghiile impotriva bacteriilor si va pot spune din experienta ca daca sunt impinse cu o ustensila si lasate in pace, abia daca se mai observa. Cu cat sunt taiate mai des cu atat cresc mai tare. Plus, am observat ca de cand am incetat taierea lor, unghiile au inceput sa creasca mai repede.


Cu toti stim cat de benefic este usturoiul pentru sanatatea noastra, dar mai putin stiu cat de folositor este pentru unghii. Desi nu mai folosesc in prezent, mi-a fost foarte de folos la inceput cand unghiile mele erau precum lamele Orbit, acesta intarind efectiv unghia. Trebuie sa specific ca mirosul este destul de persistent iar pentru asta trebuie sa va spalati pe maini cu detergent de vase sau mai este varianta cafelei, masand-o usor pe degete. (ce nu facem pentru frumusete) Daca unghiile sunt intr-o stare precara sau pur si simplu trebuiesc intarite, aceasta este o varianta foarte buna.

Sally Hansen

Asadar, am ajuns si la marele meu secret, artileria grea. Desi poate fi putin cam scump, acesta este raspunsul la toate problemele noastre legate de unghii. Este extraordinar! L-am cumparat pentru prima oara acum doi ani, mai mult sau mai putin accidental si de atunci nu am mai dat inapoi. Sally Hansen, cu tot respectul, bravo! Efectiv este regina unghiilor fara indoiala. Primul pe care l-am avut a fost Diamond Strength si a ramas in top inca de atunci desi am mai incercat cateva de la ea. Cum sa va spun, oja de cea mai proasta calitate este transformata imediat intr-un super produs odata ce aplicati acest lac de unghii pe deasupra. Efectiv cel mai bun produs pe care il poti cumpara. Am cautat sa vad unde se gaseste in Romania si se pare ca Emag-ul are in stock la 30 de lei. Este un pret decent avand in vedere ca in magazinele din strainatate este undeva la 70 de lei. Deci daca esti lenesa, poti sari peste cocos si usturoi, Sally face toata treaba pentru tine. Odata ce o sa vedeti calitatea acestui produs, o sa imi multumiti, pentru ca dupa atata chin, cautarea a luat sfarsit.

Pont: Eu aplicam intai lacul, apoi oja si iarasi lacul. Da, unghiile mele erau atat de moi.

Inca un sfat, nu lasati oja pentru prea mult timp pe unghii. Incercati sa le stergeti saptamanal si sa le lasati sa respire macar o ora doua. Va spun asta pentru ca oja dupa primele doua zile se transforma efectiv intr-o folie subtire plasticata, cel putin asa se simte, si nu mai reuseste sa protejeze unghiile.

Sper ca v-a placut acest articol si l-ati gasit folositor. Ma puteti urmari pe Instagram sau Twitter pentru a vedea ultimele produse incercate sau pentru a impartasi experientele voastre cu mine.



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