Top Lipstick Shades

I could go with my all time favourites and finish this article before you have time to click it, but I decided to share with you not only that but the occasions I use them for as well. Many women neglect the lipstick when it comes to make up, unfortunately, this is a huge mistake. You could go on and put a masterpiece on your face, but if you add the wrong shade you can ruin everything. It happened to all of us, don’t worry.


You already saw that coming, right? From Kylie Jenner to Jeffre Star, they did a pretty good job teaching us and setting the trend, it’s a must-have not only because it sets a sexy look, sensual, natural, but more because it goes with almost everything. If you have a strong makeup around your eyes, you surely can go with a nude shade on your lips without ruining it. I will be honest with you, this is my everyday shade! Mine is from Bourjois, to be more specific. ( Bourjois, Rouge Velvet 01 – Hey Nude! )


A classic for a reason, nothing more feminine and mysterious than a pair of red lips. My makeup consists mostly of cat eyes, the eyeliner is my best friend since 10 years ago or more, and we all know what a match they are. The red lipstick is my favourite when I’m wearing an all black or all white outfit, it brings all the attention to my lips. For a night out, a date or a casual but classy outfit, you know you need one. I’ve been through so many shades of red that I can’t remember, but my favourite in the past years is Dior Diorific 040. I think it all started because I read somewhere it was made after Marilyn Monroe’s shade, yes, something like that. I must add that the quality of this product is amazing, it’s the first lipstick that stays on the lips. Usually after application I powder it a little, not for a longer lasting but because for daytime it can be a bit intense.

Who Loves Wine? I Do!

A colour that most of us wear during the cold season, proved to be the fresh touch for summer nights. Yes, you can go with all the wine shades you want and you can mix it with a colourful outfit or my favourite, a summerish faux brown leather jacket, white shirt and short jeans. I love it! During daytime, not so much, it darkens my face and it’s exactly the opposite of what we want during summer. My favourite one is again from Bourjois, 14 Plum Plum Girl, liquid lipstick. What’s yours?

Orange Electricity

This is again no surprise considering that everyone on social media or fashion magazines seems to have one, electric orange is my favourite one for a natural look. Yes, I know how it sounds but trust me on this one. You might think that all the attention will be on your lips but no, think twice. This colour makes your eyes pop, it’s rebellious and elegant at the same time and brings that ‘something’ to your personality. I had one from Too Faced but somehow I managed to loose it before even try it and the other one which I actually used is from Maybelline in the Electric Orange Satin shade. It doesn’t come off that easy but it won’t get a reward for it anyway. If you tried from other brands and you are satisfied with it, please, share with us. šŸ™‚

Tip: Powdered lipsticks are the must-have of 2019!

Do you have an all time favourite lipstick top? Don’t hesitate and share with us in the comments section down below or give us a link to your article or social media account to have a look. Hope you enjoyed this article!



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