4th of July – Sales Are Here/ Reduceri

I don’t know how many times it happened to me until now, I think I might be a bit embarrassed to say it but… well, the hell with it! Did it ever happen to you to go out shopping, going from store to store, trying things on, enjoying the day and ending up paying a huge amount of money? Of course. But did it ever happen to you to do all of those things and one month later to see them half price, realising how much more you could have bought or saved if you could just put back on the shelf that ZARA bag or flats? If it did, then stay with us.

Last month I went shopping and I saw a couple of things that I could not put back, I couldn’t imagine leaving the store without the bag and the flats and trust me I had no regrets for the 100$ spent. Until now. While I was drinking my coffee this morning I decided to have a look online to check some prices and make some targets for the next shopping day, which by the way I had no idea it will come so fast. A massive pink font showed up on the screen “SALE”. I had in mind a couple of things from my last visit and I had to check, of course, to see if I’m lucky or not to get them half price. The answer is yes and no. YES because they are now half price and NO because everything I bought, which was from the new collection, we all know what that means, was on sale as well. 20%,50% off, it didn’t matter, my morning and coffee were literally ruined. I went to the closet and looked at the flats with disappointment, angry at them, angry at myself. So, I decided to make this stop once and for all and I went online to find out the sale dates.

When do they happen?

Most of the in formation was cryptic, meaning I couldn’t find a concrete answer or people were just debating it. I needed more. So I looked and looked and finally found something useful. More or less. Apparently social media is the answer again, they announce one or two weeks before on platforms like Twitter, giving you enough time to check what they have in stock and be prepared to get them before someone else does. The second tip is that they happen around January, June-July and sometimes in November. I always knew that they have sales to replace for example the summer clothes with the fall/winter ones but the period of time, considering that I’m travelling, varies. The third tip is that the vast majority of stores have sales on 4th of July ( Hello, there!) and next up apparently is August when they receive as I said the Fall/Winter collections. Awesome! The holidays sales happen in December, January and of course Black Friday (which I think it’s a cursed date for me because I never but never, ever find something on sale, they have the same price and they only change the label) and most importantly the Jackpot sales. They are not called that, it’s just a thing I thought would be funny but, anyway. Jackpot Sales are basically random weekends when they decide to get rid of some clothes, you can end up buying things with 70% off which is fantastic. Now you see, Jackpot Sales? It makes sense now, right?:)

As you could probably guessed already, I will now jump in the shower, put some makeup on and get ready for a busy day. Wish me luck because I saw one blazer which I urgently need! Stay with me, I will tell you everything about this shopping session later today.

Was this article useful? Do you have more info about the Sale dates? If yes, don’t be greedy, share with us! Let me know in the comment section down below or let’s talk on Instagram or Twitter, totally up to you! 😀

Happy 4th of July!



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