Summer must-have

Maxi dresses, denim jackets and shorts, midi skirts and white trousers, all of them are must haves this summer. But the most important one is the white top. It is that simple. It works with blue, black jeans, skirts and shorts, you name it. The white top is starting to feel like a classic now, being part of almost everyone’s wardrobe. White rules the summer and it’s the starting point for most of my outfits because you can basically create any style you want.

If you read my previous article about summer trends, you know where I’m going. If not, check it out here. This being said, I will show two examples on how to wear a white top, my favourite ones so far.

Black and White

There is no secret, black and white, all time favourite for me. It’s really hard not to love an all black and white outfit, especially when you add a classy touch with accessories. So far this is my first choice for an evening get together. Soft materials, work with both Converse and a pair of black sandals, allowing you this way to adapt it for different occasions.

Animal Print

I told you about the struggle with animal print and how hard it was at first to adapt it to my style. I don’t find it difficult anymore, I actually love it, but something tells me that I can do more, I can be more creative than this. Hopefully until the end of summer I will manage to find the perfect match.:) Until then, this is what I’ve managed to pull so far. What do you think?

Believe it or not, I realised only today that everything is from H&M. Somehow, after hours and hours on Pinterest, this was the only place that had exactly what I was looking for. I totally recommended it. Oh, and by the way, I think I will buy one more belt, just to be on the safe side. I tried it with different outfits and it goes with everything plus, it reminds me of the Gucci one, so.. you know. I think I can write an entire article about this belt, honestly, it changes everything in a really, really good way, totally worth the money.

And if you were wondering about the editing, when I was going through the photos I felt like they had this vintage vibe so I decided to go with it, ending up with some good Instagram content.

What do you think? Was this article helpful or you already tried everything? Do you have any tips on how to improve one of the outfits above? Let me know in the comments down below or message me on Instagram or Twitter.



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