Frizzy hair day and night?/ Par ars si elecrtizat?

When it comes to my hair it’s always the same story. No matter what I do, it does exactly the opposite. Now I’m really starting to believe that it has its own freaking annoying personality, one that drives me crazy every single day. After one year without dying my hair, it started to look even worse, despite all the natural hair masks I was applying. Coconut oil was the only thing that could tame it and even with this it lasted only for a couple of hours. Haircuts, masks, nothing worked.

One week ago I had enough. I was so bored with my ombre colour, and so bored to keep trying to make it look normal and I bought bleaching powder to put it at rest. Of course this is not the solution for frizziness, no, it make it even worse… But now that I got back my golden locks I wanted more than ever to make it look exactly like I want. After searching and searching online, I finally came across something new. Glycerine.

As usual, I wasn’t sure if it will change anything but I went to the store and bought a bottle. You have to mix a small amount with water and spray it on your hair, then you brush and wait for it to dry. First application didn’t impress me that much, neither the second and truly I was really close to giving up. But everything changed with the third application, the change was suddenly visible all over my hair.

One week evolution

The results? Well my hair is now glowing, the frizziness is now barely visible and I can comb it easier. I started to apply it three times a day now because I really like how it enhances my natural curls. Because it’s such a good moisturiser, I started to apply it on my skin as well, leaving it soft and glowing. On top of that, glycerine strengthens the hair preventing this way hair loss. It’s clearly the best solution I came across so far, better even the aloe vera mask( which didn’t work for me) or the honey mask. I think it’s similar with the coconut oil, only three or four times better? Besides, it’s way cheaper than commercial products, it’s natural and it doesn’t damage your hair on the long term.

Have you tried glycerine before? What natural remedies work for you? Comment down below and let me know. 😀


  • Two teaspoons of glycerine
  • 150 ml water ( distilled water is preferred)
  • 60 ml rose water
  • And if you want you can add a few drops of essential oils as well.

P.S: The secret with this mask is to avoid making it concentrated.



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